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mados 123
Please excuse and dismiss this request as I was making a silly mistake of double-clicking on a jpg when a single click was all that was needed since it was setup as a touch screen. As such, Windows Explorer would stay on top, over MihPhoto. I hope this discovery helps someone else who might be in that situation. Thanks again for your great work! - Feb 24 2015
I'm still using your app and love the changes you have made. I have found though that sometimes, when I am clicking to open an image file, MihPhoto stays in the background behind Windows Explorer rather than going into its full screen mode. Have you encountered this problem? Is there a way to have the option to "always have the window on top?"

Thanks! - Jan 21 2015
Hi there. Just wanted to say outstanding work and one quick question. In the app and on my Windows 7, I found that although I specify the start directory to be my desktop, it keeps defaulting back to "Empty Screen." This is despite me giving it Admin privileges, full control in security settings and running it under a different OS compatibility. Any advice? Also, very minor, the app needs to be clicked on with the right button to activate it vs. the usual left in Windows (usual for righties which is most users that is). Keep up the great work and great job! - May 17 2012
Jan 21 2015