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Audio Apps by emw 91 comments

What happened to KRadio?? The development stopped on 2006... no news at all ever since...
Its still the best Radio app i´ve found for Linux and i run it every day.

Maybe someone interested in getting their hands on this project? - Jul 26 2008

Chat & Messenging by mihaim 16 comments

IMO its the best irc client for linux. Dont be affraid by the screenshots. They are terrible compared to what you cand do with kvirc. And you can always d/l some themes at their site - Aug 21 2005

Various KDE Stuff by fungmeista 18 comments

Great work! I would like to say thx for this app. Very usefull, and finally i dont need to use gtk apps to manage my recipes :) - Aug 21 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Luck 3 comments

Great work! these icons are probably the best i´ve seen in a long time. If you could do a complete set it would be great for all the community - Apr 24 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by sijp 5 comments

i like the concept. of course its hard work to make a complete set of icons but i think u are in the good way. one that i missed was the icon for "show desktop button" - Apr 22 2005