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Roberto Gardenier Leerdam, Netherlands

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Oct 17 2013

thanks for your quick response, yet again.

Your tip about the ToDo list is really great, works super.

I have run the code you suggested, to make sure the packages were installed, they were, i only got some packages containing documents to add:
"The following NEW packages will be installed:
aptitude libboost-iostreams1.42.0 libclass-accessor-perl libcwidget3
libio-string-perl libparse-debianchangelog-perl libsub-name-perl"

The missing variable isnt really bothering, i only see it when i run it in terminal, but when running it in the background (ALT+F2) then i wont see a thing.

Thanks for your awesome script! - Nov 19 2010
Thank you for you comment, i feel pretty stupid now...

Anywaysz, this solved my problem indeed. Still getting unknown variable but it does not bothers me.

I was wondering, about the ToDo list feature, i just added --todo to the command line and added ToDo.txt to my home folder. I tried running the file as described but it does nothing except for adding some task i write behind. I can manually add tasks to the list when opening the txt file as well. What is the correct way of adding tasks to the file and how to do so?
also, all tasks appears with a tick in front, is this default behavior?

Thanks in advance! - Nov 17 2010
Hi mate,

First of all, i really wanna thank you for your awesome script and the time and effort you have put into this. I have installed conky-colors and ive came across a few errors. Ive took the liberty to post them on pastebin.

I dont have any knowledge on scripting Conky (yet) but doesnt aptitude needs to be apt-get on ubuntu? If so, how to change? You have any idea on how to resolve the Unknown variable ?

Thanks in advance! - Nov 16 2010