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Lamarque Souza Divinópolis, Brazil
Karamba & Superkaramba
Wicd Client KDE

Network 90 comments

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Feb 07 2013
Hi, you should not use synchronous dbus calls in any plasmoid, they can cause the entire desktop to freeze for a few seconds, which is quite annoying. Anything that uses waitForFinished, QDBusReply or 'call()' are synchronous calls. You should try to cache the result of GetConnectionStatus and connect a signal to update to wicd daemon to just update the result. - Jul 31 2012

Aurorae Themes 24 comments

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May 27 2011
I really like FormaN, but I prefer a non-transparent version. I tried to create one some months ago but I did not figure out how to disable it. Can you create a non-transparent version?

Thanks. - Oct 30 2011
lvs monitor (network)

Karamba & Superkaramba 14 comments

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Mar 05 2010
Let's check if the file is corruped:

unzip -t ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/sk_108058-lvs-network/108058-lvs-network.skz

There should be those four files in it:

yellow_bar.png - Jul 25 2010
Are you sure you have superkaramba and kross-python installed? What does the command below return?

find /usr/ /opt/kde/ \
-name "*" -o \
-name\"krosspython*" - Jul 25 2010
Check if the file ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/sk_108058-lvs-network/108058-lvs-network.skz exists. - Jul 25 2010
Who (or which) notifies that can't find the package? The kde-look site or the plasma panel? I have done a test here and it installed and run ok in my KDE SC 4.4.5 installation. The instructions are a bit different though:

1. Panel configuration -> Add Widgets -> Get new widgets -> Install widget from local file -> Superkaramba -> Next -> "choose the 108058-lvs-network.skz file"

2. When looking for the new installed superkaramba theme use only "lvs" letters and not the whole file name. - Jul 25 2010
I need superkaramba and KDE 4.x's panel, which is a plasma application, to run this script, I need both. You missed my point, superkaramba is a python library in plasma, so if I create a plasmoid script using pure python it can be called a plasmoid, but if I use the superkaramba python library I cannot call it a plasmoid script anymore? Is that it? In KDE 4.x superkaramba is just an add-on the kross-python engine as far as I know. But ok, I have already changed the category to superkaramba. - Jul 07 2009
That explanation is not that accurate then. Although this script needs superkaramba there is no external program running (no superkaramba executable running). Maybe plasma has its own superkaramba engine, so at least for me it is fuzzy what is a superkaramba theme and a plasmoid script (script, not binary). Anyway, lvs-network looks much more like a plasmoid docked in the panel then a superkaramba theme, which usually run on the desktop. - Jul 07 2009
Maybe you right, but what is the difference between a superkaramba theme and a plasmoid script? - Jul 07 2009