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Luis Romero Villahermosa, Mexico

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Jul 06 2018
Thank you so much, I already did it.
I had never known where it was the file to modify. By the way, it is possible to modify the cursor/caret thicknes? I saw in that file something about thicknes (xthicknes = 2, ythicknes = 2) but I don't know if that's about cursor thicknes. Anyway, I'll try to modify it, and see what happen... - Sep 05 2012
It seems the problem is because the cursor is white and the comment box is also white. Any idea how can I change the default color of the cursor? - Sep 01 2012
There's the same problem in the sarch box of YouTube, and I forgot to mention I'm using Firefox web browser... - Sep 01 2012
Well, I noticed that the flashing bar, the cursor, (I don't know how you call it), it doesn't appear in comment boxes of Facebook, I say it is the theme because when I change it for other one, the cursor appears again. It seems only affects on Facebook, I checked out others sites and everything is fine. Any idea why this happens? - Sep 01 2012
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9   May 26 2012