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Thiago Lucio sao paulo, Brazil
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Feb 16 2018
please open an issue in and attach all .desktop files from the icons you want to be created. inside each desktop files there is a name like: deepin-cloud-print-configurator I need them to save with the correct names.
- Mar 10 2018
the theme was updated to faenza folders style to match any color theme, don't know if it's still good for adapta-gtk - Jun 26 2017
you can do anything you want, this is an opensource theme, thank you - Jun 26 2017
hi, these are wps office icons, libreoffice indeed have different icons - Jun 26 2017
could you remove .cache/* and try the icon theme again - May 18 2017
thank you - May 16 2017
I will fix index.theme which is the real issue for plasma users - May 16 2017