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Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 87 comments

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Sep 08 2017
EDIT: I found a solution on Github.
I'll explain briefly, (Note, I just started using Manjaro, which is my first Linux installation... I'm sorry if I'm too detailed).

First open Dolphin (or your file explorer of choice) and navigate to
(Note! ".local" is a hidden folder, you'll need to access is through dolphins 'Adressbar' )

in the ui folder you'll find a file "main.qml", open that and search (ctrl + f) for "systemmonitorAvailableSources"; change this row from:
property var systemmonitorAvailableSources
property var systemmonitorAvailableSources: []

Next time you start your computer, you'll not have to manually reload the widget.
I read this at github, here is the link: - Jul 05 2019
I just installed this a couple days ago, I love it! Only problem (as some already pointed out) is that you have to right click the widget and then select Reload, otherwise it will only show "OFF". - Jul 05 2019

Global Themes
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Jul 06 2019
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring
by clearmartin

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Jul 05 2019