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Plasma Color Schemes 12 comments

by l4k1
Score 66.7%
May 18 2019
Since last update, margins are displayed correctly and this theme looks so nice, now it's my everyday theme! Thank you again - Aug 24 2019
Simple and sleek. - Jun 01 2019
Oh OK I see! It looks nice on darker wallpapers. To be honest, it doesn't reallt fit my case, since my wallpaper is darker in the bottom but rather bright everywhere else; so I would like to keep a bright color scheme. - Jun 01 2019
The "Blur-Glassy" Plasma theme has dark version of the system tray icons (volume, Internet connection, time), like those in the standard "Breeze" theme.
I was thinking of a version featuring brighter system tray icons (like the ones in "Breeze dark"), for better integration with darker wallpapers. - Jun 01 2019
Great theme! However, I have noticed something: the padding in some widgets is incorrect and gives an inconsistent look to it. Here is a link to screenshot illustrating that:
Plus, would it be possible to make a version featuring dark versions of the icons?
Thank you for your work. - Jun 01 2019

Plasma Color Schemes
by l4k1

Score 66.7%
10   Jun 01 2019
Simple and sleek.