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Louic Vermeer , Netherlands

Wallpaper Other by MrWonderful 14 comments

very nice. thanks! - Oct 10 2009
the bee is out

Wallpaper Other by SirJelly 1 comment

Colorful, yet elegant and not too distracting. Nice work! - Nov 12 2008
ASCII Amarok controller

Karamba & Superkaramba by asfalatus 1 comment

Nice work! Simple but useful. And it looks cool :) - Nov 05 2008
CoverFlow for amarokFS

AmarokFS by Yaccin 15 comments

The screenshots look good, but your link seems to be dead, and I ended up on some commercial page.
Could you fix this problem please? Thanks. - Oct 31 2008
Bible wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by szensz-siempre 7 comments

Beautiful! If you could make one without the "LOGOS" text, I would like it even more. - Sep 17 2008