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Josep Queralt Barcelona, Spain
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MacUltimate Leopard OSX

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May 16 2010
Thanks man for that. Actually, that's a very complicated world. - May 13 2011
Sorry about that. I saw the "GPL" somewhere in the "MacUltimate Leopard" icon set So I thought it was GPL. I'm new to this and don't know much about licenses. So, is this ilegal to use these icons? I'll try to remove that "GPL" thing.

Thanks for warning. - May 16 2010
Radiance Elementary Light

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May 06 2010
Sorry, the theme you could install is called "Radiance Drakfire Mod". - May 18 2010
I don't know why you don't get the round buttons. Make sure you have selected Radiance Elementary Light in "controls" (when you click on "customize" and can change from controls, icons, cursor...).
If you don't fix it try installing first "Radiance Elementary mod".
Let me know if you fix it, please.

Thanks for choosing this theme. - May 18 2010