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lost sync Atlanta, GA, United States of America

GDM Themes by lostsync 3 comments

i made it that way on purpose...i really perfer it that way. originally it was like you stated but off center things annoy me pretty badly. it's easy to change to suit your liking though.

simply edit the file ubuntu.bold.xml so that two lines below "<!-- password box -->" (near the bottom), the value y=50% in the <pos ... /> tag is changed to y=70%. save the file and add it to the tarball, replacing the original. continue to install as normal.

this is the first login i've created and everyone who's made a comment on it has cited that same criticizm, stating that otherwise it'd be cool. given my low rating score here, i guess i'll keep in mind that most other people don't have a problem with off center things in the future.

thank you for the feedback. i may create an updated version and add it to the site later tonight. - Oct 14 2005