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Lord Lethris , United Kingdom
Modern Fairy

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by KuduK
Score 66.7%
Jan 27 2013
Particals are a problem, unless some linux bod can come up with a particle trail option...
...Hrmm, has anyone tried Compiz?

worth a shot... you can edit the surrounding "particle" affect . - Jul 06 2010
I use Ubuntu 10.04.

All I did was copy the theme folder into /usr/shared/themes/icons (or somthing round about there, there is already a folder there) using "sudo su" login in a terminal window.

Then on the regular desktop , right click, change desktop, themes, custom, then the cursor is right there under the last tab (cursors tab)!

Im @ work at the moment so I cant check if thats entirly correct, but its somthing like that. I'm sure everyone with common sence can follow it roughly. - Jun 11 2010
great work on the convertion again!

Thanks. - Jun 08 2010

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by KuduK
Score 50.0%
Jun 08 2009
My thanks to you. I've been inspired to release/Finish my latest Cursor "Modern Fairy".

I'll be uploading it soon. I would very much like your input when its up. - Jun 06 2010
Just to say thanks.

Have you converted any of my other cursors? - Jun 04 2010