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Luca Doro

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by brk95
Score 81.3%
Nov 24 2019
9 excellent - Jan 30 2020
This is a great work and I really like it!
I have only a little suggestion. I have an external display connected to my laptop and when I select the option for the display (clone the desktop, extend the desktop, external display only, laptop display only) the icon for the laptop display looks blurry. This doesn't happen with other icon sets. Here is a link to a screenshot:
I have looked for the subfolder with the icons for the different display options to replace/add the one for the laptop display only, but I didn't find it. Do you know where they are located?
Luca - Jan 30 2020
Qogir theme

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Score 89.9%
Jun 16 2020
+ Another great theme! - Nov 21 2018

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Score 81.3%
Apr 19 2019
+ Nice and neat! - Nov 21 2018

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Score 75.1%
Aug 02 2017
Really nice piece of work!!
My favorite GTK theme on Ubuntu 14.04

The only minor modification that I would like to do is to change the menus' color from white to light gray. Any suggestion on how to do this? I am studying the .css files but no success for now.

Thanks for your great work!
Luca - Nov 18 2015
Score 81.3%
Dec 09 2018

Full Icon Themes
by brk95

Score 81.3%
9   Jan 30 2020
9 excellent
Qogir theme

GTK3 Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 89.9%
9   Nov 21 2018
+ Another great theme!
Score 81.3%
9   Nov 21 2018
+ Nice and neat!