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Ethan Antram Albuquerque, United States of America
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Fedora-Tan GDM Themes

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May 20 2007
If you mean the background, I can, but it'll take a little more time than I have right now. I'll publish a more flexible version around the beginning of June where elements like the Linux-Tan, badge, and password box can be rearranged at will from their default locations. If I can get to it sooner, I'll go ahead and post it. - May 20 2007
Thanks for downloading! ^_^ - May 20 2007
ArchLinux-Tan GDM Themes

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May 19 2007
Sweet. The interface for Wiki Upload is a little counterintuitive, but it's a great place to stash and get large-ish files. - May 20 2007
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May 17 2007
Thanks! I'm nearly finished with Fedora-Tan. Sometime tomorrow, I suspect. - May 20 2007
No problem. I'll get to work on it. - May 19 2007

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Jul 23 2007
Maybe a tiny bit of credit should go to Sim Wong at - May 05 2007
Maybe a tiny bit of credit should go to Sim Wong at - May 05 2007

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May 01 2007
Stick it to the man!

(download now, the MafiAA is sending C&D orders every place they find this) - May 01 2007