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Robert Alblas
warcraft3 blue panel

Various Gnome Stuff by Bratwursst 1 comment

You should use white text on this.. looks very good by the way - May 17 2009
Diablo III

GDM Themes by blakescience 2 comments

I used the same desktop background, and ubuntu's new wave theme, but with grey window background and red text. It looks really great! - May 17 2009
nice girl

Wallpapers Ubuntu by kakomon26 6 comments

Nice, I like to see the female body too!

Some people say this has nothing to do with Ubuntu. Well.. What the heck has a mountain with an Ubuntu logo has to do with Ubuntu then?

If nobody is posting this, I'll download my own picture and add an Ubuntu logo to it. As long as it's no porn, it's ok to post. Stop whining, please! - May 14 2009
Windows Logo Blue

Wallpapers Windows by zafar88 4 comments

I think this wallpaper is lost.. I can understand, the web is huge. - May 14 2009