KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

Love the updates. Would it be possible to play around with this setting:

Paint combobox handles with the highlight colour

It would look better if the colour was applied as a tint and not so obtruce. - Dec 03 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

That really sucks. Plastik is the only theme I have come across that does this, all others do not suffer from this bug... - Dec 03 2004
Better Desktop Dropshadows

Various Stuff by abby 21 comments

This is an awesome tutorial. Excellent job figuring it out...much thanks! - Dec 03 2004
applications-KIO slave

Desktop Concepts by Superstoned 12 comments

Yeah totally nice tip. I like this better actually. All you would need to do is add an add, delete and rename to the context menu...would be much nicer and more coordinated with the other URL:/ features in KDE. - Dec 03 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

I noticed some redraw problems that I dont know if they were present in earlier version (I dont think they were). If you select an icon and drag it around the window, it leaves artifacts...little dots. I couldnt use the original plastik theme because of this reason.

I am running KDE.3.3.1 and Qt 3.3.3. ATI 9200SE with built in drivers from Xorg 6.8.1.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Select an icon from a window or desktop.

2. Drag the icon around the screen.

Results in little dots and artifacts and can sometimes distort other icons.

Can be solved with a simple refresh. - Dec 01 2004
FairytaleWorld Icons Themes

Icon Sub-Sets by chunxiayu 43 comments

Great work. I really like the package icons as well as the DVD icons...very well done.
I think the file icons need a little more polish to match up with the rest of theme but all around its a truely an awesome job you have done.

KDE definetly needs talented artists like yourself :D - Dec 01 2004
Gentoo Space (orange version)

Wallpaper Other by ashi 2 comments

I agree... - Dec 01 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

I have one major complaint: I can only vote once for this entry on kde-look...what the hell?

All joking aside, this is simply phenominal. THANK YOU so much for adding the option to get rid of the highlight on the taskbar buttons...oh man. This is THE theme for me now...unmerge everything else...gone...none need.

You are a marvellous beast! The updates, the dont know how long I have been waiting to be able to scough at my bro and his beautiful gnome I can blow them all way.

I do have a minor suggestion. The menu items arrows. I think it might look nicer if the arrow also took on the text highlight colour as well, for now, they always remain their initial black.

Everything else is amazing. I also LOVE the scrollbar options you have put in, never got used to the KDE scrollbar type :) - Dec 01 2004
Devastation Linux Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by madhattr 6 comments

ok, try not to insult people next time...calling us idiots and retards?

Whats your damage? Have such a bad life you gotta lash out like a child on the net? Go do it somewhere else.

Icons is stale and listless. - Nov 30 2004
United Pot Smokers

Wallpaper Other by madhattr 6 comments

I really like the logo, very well done. I do, however, think it would be better suited in the middle of the wallpaper and without the tackly looking lines behind it...maybe a software lens flare or nothing at all would be better.

Actually the wallpaper posted earlier with nothing but pot leaves, softened up and contrast reduced would me a wicked background for the logo, you guys should do a colaboration. - Nov 30 2004
Plastik for Thunderbird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 23 comments

:D - Nov 29 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

First off I just want to let you know what a fantastic job you have done. Your revisions to Plastik look beautiful.

I would also like to make a feature request. The dark outline on the currently selected item on the taskbar looks so heavy. It would be awesome if you could make an option to hide that so only the bold font is displayed, minus the obstrusive dark border around it. That would be a dream come true as the rest is just splendid. - Nov 29 2004
Plastik for Thunderbird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 23 comments

I would hang on, TB v1.0 is scheduled to be released in the next 2 weeks ;) - Nov 29 2004

Wallpaper Other by blaster999 16 comments

I am envious of whomever has that one... - Nov 29 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

Thank you Lenz and thank you Pat for making this theme :) - Nov 25 2004

FTP by Kostko 106 comments

Finally a decent FTP program for KDE. I see so much potential in this one.

I would love to see a more options for the UI such as allignment of the transfer windows horizontally (that would be a dream come true!) and a cleaner implementation of the log and queue windows. Keeping them in view at all times would also be a must have.

Please, PLEASE, make an option to hide the annoying and grotesque left favorites side bar that plagues KDE. God I do I hate that thing...

Anyway, awesome job on this one. Like I said, its about time a NICE FTP program was released for KDE :D - Nov 25 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by chrisripp 2 comments

Again not GPL as you arent he original artist. Crude and listless... - Nov 24 2004

Wallpaper Other by charley 1 comment

I think the eye are obstrusive and dont suit the wallpaper as a whole. I really like it aside from that, really smooth and sureal.

Good job! - Nov 21 2004
Distro Challenge SuSE

Wallpaper Other by croky 6 comments

I think it would have had more impact without the green font, maybe a small Suse typeface and logo at the bottom or in a corner somewhere.

Some polish could also be had in the background to better suit the clarity of the spiral in the center...

I really like this one and I see lots of potentional in it. - Nov 17 2004
KDE Loves Carmen

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by MadKAT2 1 comment

Change the title. Just because your libido is running rampant, doesnt mean its necessary to associate porn stars with a desktop manager. - Nov 17 2004
Wacom Tablet Underlay

Various Stuff by comtux 4 comments

Then you should probably post it under Lenirs name and not yours.

While your first version was poorly done, this new version shows none of your creativity or originality. All modifications made were at the advice of another person, which means this does not reflect anything from you at all.

Its one thing to take advice in stride but to follow it to the letter like they were orders is completely another... - Nov 17 2004
I would love to see more focus on managing queued items. Mouse support, drag and drop and easy movement on multiple selected items anywhere in the list order. Its especially important when you have 100+ tiems queued up and you want to change placement of lets say 30 in the list. Its painstaking to have to do it one by one or to select them all using shift one by one with the only option to move them to the top of the list.

This was also my biggest gripe with PAN for GNOME.

I am very happy someone has stepped up to make a binary newsreader for KDE. One was sorely lacking and would also like to point out, you are doing an awesome job so far.

Thank you. - Nov 17 2004

Wallpaper Other by ytannus 1 comment

I wish the images are a little clearer and the size bigger but how can you not go "awwww" at this wallpaper ;) - Nov 17 2004
Tux vs Gates

Wallpaper Other by Etig0L 6 comments

Worthless. Wallpapers are an artistic statement for the pleasure of your retinas--eye candy that should be used to uplift, inspire, or simply beautify--not poorly crafted statements.

Yes a message is not uncommon to deliver but artistic merit must be an intergral part of that message. You arent handing out flyers here.

This applies to anyone who chooses their message over art and releases them as these "faux" wallpapers when we really know its someone's opinion, and who doesnt have an opinion... - Nov 16 2004

Wallpaper Other by kairo 4 comments

Who? - Nov 14 2004
Firefox Nightly

Wallpapers Firefox by mcreichelt 6 comments

Other would do...but Mozilla holds a copyright on their logo, so its not free to use, hence why private builders of Firefox cannot use the "official" logo or graphics. - Nov 13 2004
Tschew's Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by tschew 1 comment

IE on Linux? You should be horse-whiped! - Nov 13 2004
MandrakStar - Distro Challenge WINNER

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 24 comments

oops, forgot to add. The world could use some polish...a little to abstract and blocky. - Nov 13 2004
MandrakStar - Distro Challenge WINNER

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 24 comments

Very nice. I really like this version, much improved. Love the colour, love the contours, and love the spotlight.

A wonderful piece and a really great work of art. Way to go! - Nov 13 2004
Distro Challenge: gentoo

Wallpaper Other by skullbooks 3 comments

cute "slogan" - Nov 13 2004
XPerience is tupid

Wallpaper Other by gogodidi 4 comments

Who would seriously want to look at that all day...

Why is it people avoid using antialising in their text? Why is that may I ask??? - Nov 13 2004
Firefox Nightly

Wallpapers Firefox by mcreichelt 6 comments

Recheck your license. The Firefox logo is not GPL - Nov 13 2004

Wallpaper Other by Rvdsar 5 comments

I completely agree. It is highly irritating to the eyes, tacky, and listless.

It would be a punishment to use this for a wallpaper and I seriously doubt the author uses it himself/herself.

I am almost tempted to believe this to be a joke, no one can seriously use it or even view the icons displayed over it in a desktop scenario.

0 artistic skills here. Please dont quit your day job unless its art ;) - Nov 12 2004
Back to SLACK / Distro Challenge

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 3 comments

Its very nice but you need to go over your shadows and highlights in your world, they are all over the place. - Nov 12 2004
MandrakStar - Distro Challenge WINNER

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 24 comments

Love the smoothness and colour. Very nice use of reflections and shading.

I find the little ?puffs of could? distracting and add to much of an element of "trying to add more then you should have" to the piece. I think it would look better without them.

The world underneath the star could also use more polish or its opacity diminished to not take away from the star.

I really like the mood of this one and the design of the star as well as the text plays nicely, though cliche as it is, it works really well here. - Nov 11 2004
Linux Home

Wallpaper Other by deep 3 comments

Another great addition to the wallpaper section. I like the cleanliness and simple look. Being a minimalist at heart, I cant help but get drawn into wallpapers that reflect such content, especially when they are done so well.

Excellent work deep. Some really great lines in this one. - Nov 10 2004

Wallpaper Other by deep 9 comments

I have for one am really glad to have someone with such talent posting here, bad English or not ;)

An you deserve much praise for this piece. It is really well done. - Nov 10 2004

Wallpaper Other by deep 9 comments

Yes he is right. The X on linux should join together with the flow of the floor, you have the skew to the wrong side.

I really like this one. It shows real creativity and style. The mirror of the floor gives good contrast to the character in respect to the rugged drawing and the smoothness of the background. This only creates more focus to the character.

Really an excellent job here, good work. Aside from fixing the Linux text and possibly reworking the font, I would changed a thing...

Really great to see quality stuff like this shine through as its seriously lacking in these forums... - Nov 09 2004
Plastik for Thunderbird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 23 comments

Gotcha. Just of note, I upgraded to the final release of v0.9 and your theme is not compatible at all. TB disables it and I assume its because of the build number.

FF had lots of headaches due to the build number changing with themes and extensions so I assume thats what is happening here.

I tested your theme with a recent nightly (labelled 0.8+) and it worked but it is completely unsupported in v0.9, bummer. Just wanted to let you know and thanks again for the development of a nice theme so I dont have to look at the ugly default for to much longer. - Nov 07 2004
Plastik for Thunderbird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 23 comments

Oops forgot to ask. Why did you make it for v0.8? v0.9 was released officially on the 3rd...just curious. - Nov 06 2004
Plastik for Thunderbird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 23 comments

Its a little buggy on v0.9 (alpha though), but its so nice to see someone making a theme for Thunderbird.

Thanks for making it and hopefully you stick with it to iron out all the bugs and make it completely compatible for v0.9

Awesome job :) - Nov 06 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by vicokde 7 comments

I havent seen anyone run 800x600 in a looooong time. - Nov 06 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by fubarbundy 38 comments

Gotta agree. Use Knifty and love it. Just perfect. I would also suggest to keep Knifty alive but I cant think of anything more you could add to it... - Nov 04 2004
Gentoo Kill Bill

Wallpaper Other by spartak 5 comments

I really like her face but her breasts, parts of her limbs and colouring need polish. Her breasts are much to square and need to be brought down in proportion, and her leg and arm need some better lines.

Colouring is pretty bland and blood doesnt fit to well. Nothing really to do with Gentoo either but some really nice elements here. Would have been better to just drop the Gentoo and add a better background colour. - Nov 04 2004
ZSNES Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 3 comments

It was meant to guide him. I dont know anything about SNES emus but he really needs to clean up that sentence or stick to his native toungue. - Oct 24 2004
ZSNES Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 3 comments

I really like the controller. Love the shine and refinement of it.

The statement however is a gramatical nightmare. You should really get help as it appears english is not your native language.

"Revive the SNES with ZSNES, only on Linux"

Something along those lines might stear you in a better direction. - Oct 23 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by andrunko 313 comments

Its not a KDE bug its a Plastik bug. I ran into the same problem and found that the Plastik style was to blame... - Oct 20 2004
Guardian Angel

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DjMadness 29 comments

Its Angel not angle...two different things. - Oct 15 2004
DebBlue (user list)

GDM Themes by guzzi333 1 comment

Clean and very well done. I really like the choice of blue as well.

Your link to KDE is pointing to, just to let you know. - Oct 09 2004
Plastik Element preview

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by gr3gg 27 comments

all you did was add different buttons to the knifty WD...what longhorn inspired? - Oct 02 2004