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J Andersen
The best SVG camera icon EVER!

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 5 comments

Its very nice as a drawing but a lousy icon. I think an icon should be easy recognisable and simple - think traficsign. Would a traficsign have so much detail? Nope - Jun 29 2006

Audio Apps by streamtuned 15 comments

Very Cool application.
Let me be a "blond tester" in the first 30 minuttes of use og this app.
I think you could improve on the UI on regards adding streams and storages. It's a bit confusing at the moment. The applies too to adding storages - i understood that adding af page like
would generate a list of streams but i never got it to work. If it shouldnt work maybe this is a good idea? :-)
I got a problem adding mms:// Elvas - never heard anything at all. Adding the link in mplayer (kmplayer) resulted in sound (actually noise since this channel is not properly configured).
May i suggest an ordinary playlist in order to select stations, with the capbility to use the mouse (like xmms list or whatever).
Would be nice to be able to export stationlist to html/txt file - probably allready does this but i didnt figure it out. - Apr 18 2004

Audio Apps by voglrobe 21 comments

Well.. i still need a hand. Now it cannot load artsmodules - compilation fails in /usr//bin/ld: cannot find -lartsmodules

Any ideas for Mandrake 9.2? - Jan 13 2004

Audio Apps by voglrobe 21 comments

Sorry. Found it 2 minuttes after posting in libkdemultimedia1-common-devel , and i swear i spent 1 hour looking for it ;-) - Jan 13 2004

Audio Apps by voglrobe 21 comments

Using mandrake 9.2 and getting conpile problems.
"audioprocessing.h:32:30: arts/artsmodules.h"
I cant find artsmodules.h anywhere on my system or via and i have libarts-devel installed and working.
Anyone with a solution ? - Jan 13 2004