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Thomas Thomas Dybdahl Ahle

Wallpapers Ubuntu by chruxnix 1 comment

Dammit! Those waves are awesome!, but I need the svg in this very moment. Why didn't you post them from the beginning :D

Keep up the good work! - Dec 25 2007
Linux is attractive

Wallpaper Other by zemkooo 15 comments

Can you make it in 1600x1200? - May 29 2006
"Save session as a file!"

Various Gnome Stuff by lobais 3 comments

Do you mean like: ? Cause that is really a whole different thing. - Mar 18 2006
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

Nice wallpaper, where have you got it from? - Mar 12 2006
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

Nice idea. Better than the "menu in header, netscape 8/realone, / "

Maybe if it was just a litle less tall, gnome/gtk could scale down the toolbar icons, in case they filled out the entire bar. - Mar 12 2006
6,760 Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons 62 comments

I looked through all the fonts, and cooked it down to about 30. That really took some time!
Lots of them look exactly the same. - Mar 12 2006
Richard M Stallman

Wallpaper Other by munkybass 2 comments

Nice, could you make one with the new fedora logo? - Feb 07 2006
Gartoon Icon theme (v0.4.5)

Icon Sub-Sets by unseen 27 comments

I found them on the webpage:
They are also for firefox. (Stupid that firefox doesn't get the icons from the gtk theme) - Jul 30 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by suseux 65 comments

Amazing... - Jul 30 2005

Metacity Themes by ECHM 60 comments

I can't explain how much I like to way you have implemented the close minimize and menu buttons. I'm not sure how much I like, that the border is faded into the window, but in windows with menus, it doesn't matter. - Jul 30 2005
The Art of Blue ( Fedora Core 3 )

Wallpaper Other by xsos 9 comments

It's much better than the Fedora Core 2 wallpaper, but it looks a litle too symmetric for me. - Sep 01 2004

by thomas2

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