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lluforma lluforma
uhm.. domino anyone?

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Mar 24 2010
sorry, this - May 19 2010
Thanks to remember me the url.
Take a look
I hope they consider my petition - May 19 2010
I think you must tell this artwork to kde to implement this style as deffault.
I don't find it now, but in kde forum, there was a petition to have several default styles/themes to new kde users. And I think it is the best one.
I'm new on KDE and linux and personally I've tried to have this style without result.
So I think it would be great to get bigger the linux community, your artwork is excellent. - May 02 2010
Mandriva Oxygen KMenu

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Mar 19 2009
First of all, thanks for your work, i like it so much.
If downloaded the package and I find that de scalable icon isn't correct. - Mar 17 2009