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Various KDE Stuff 43 comments

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Jun 05 2006
try to re-emerge all scim-* packages and skim, begin with scim, then skim, then the other scim-* packages - Jan 31 2006
run skim in a terminal, can you notice any errors/warnings?

what about scim-setup? does it crash? - Jan 30 2006
Make sure you compile all the packages with the same version of gcc

when you upgrade kde, recompile skim as well - Jan 30 2006
when you input japanese, in fact, you still have your current keyboard layout: it does not change at all AFAICT.

So if you want to change to another layout temporary, it is beyond the scope of skim (at least atm) - Nov 28 2005
sorry, I am not sure what you are demanding.

Could you be more specific? - Nov 27 2005
please give more info

did you recompile skim 1.4.2 against scim 1.4.2?

Is scim/skim compiled using the same version of gcc as your whole system? - Oct 30 2005
upgrade your scim to latest version please - Oct 06 2005
remove all old packages first

"Perhaps you should add the directory containing "scim.pc"
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable"

please search where is your scim.pc (from scim 1.4.x) is located, and adjust PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable accordingly - Aug 17 2005
you have to upgrade to scim 1.4.0 first before installing skim 1.4.0 - Aug 03 2005
did you recompile skim against kde 3.4?

skim is compatible with kde >= 3.2 (although only tested with kde >= 3.3) - Jul 10 2005
the main window is reduced in skim 1.2.2. How do you think about it? - Mar 28 2005
ok, I now understand what are you asking.

yes, that's possible. I will implement something like the windows way (I do not have access to mac os, unfortunately) in future releases.

FYI: I checked that, under windows, most of the installed chinese input methods display the floating "toolbar" and only one of them give you the opinion to minimize into the system tray.

thanks for this idea. - Feb 26 2005
3. there is another icon in systray to indicate the current input method of skim. If you feel that floating toolbar is annoying, you can just disable it in configure dialog. However, I do not think you want to do that: without that toolbar, you can not toggle any options available to the current input method you are using. - Feb 25 2005
1. I do not have this issue and never heard of it from other users. Could you find someone else who encounter the same problem?

2. The input window (the latter one you mentioned) is supposed to follow the cursor. If it does not, then make sure that you do not select the sticky option in the configure dialog, under input window item on the left. - Feb 25 2005
It seems that's a signature issue.

Please try this file: - Sep 28 2004
You must have refered to the old (abandoned) scim homepage

please download latest scim-lib (version 1.0.0) from

The new SCIM project homepage is - Sep 09 2004
thanks for your support ;) - Aug 31 2004
sorry, but I do not know what you want to express... :( - Aug 21 2004
if you know Chinese/Japanese/Korean then you will have an idea.

Did you hear about uim, IIIMF? SCIM is a kind of such library and framework, while skim is (roughly) a KDE frontend. - Aug 12 2004

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Feb 21 2005
Although I do not need this kind of app now, I'd like to suggest that at least there should be a English version of homepage and screenshots. Please consider this, thanks - Oct 31 2004
Quanta KDE DocBook Toolbars

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Oct 02 2004
How about integrating this in kdevelop too? - Oct 07 2004
is the issue solved in this version? - Oct 02 2004
I can't see the toolbar for docbook after installing this. (Followed the README)

I can see the documentation about doc-book.

Do you have any idea? - Sep 27 2004
I think it would be better if quanta comes with this docbook support. - Sep 25 2004

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Sep 07 2004
Please upload English version screenshots, thanks - Sep 06 2004

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Jan 11 2005
Sorry, I meant svn not cvs, you know ;)


BTW: it seems to me that you haven't updated the freshmeat info which stays in version 0.5.0 - Aug 22 2004
Thanks for your app

I just think it would be good if you can setup up a public CVS server

Maybe you want to register it in first. - Aug 21 2004

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Jun 25 2011
what about Sony Ericsson T610?

Thanks - Aug 15 2004
Thanks for your app.

I just wonder whether it supports infrared connected GSM phones.

Thanks - Aug 15 2004