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Lito Steel
GTK2 Themes
Metaplastik Red

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Dec 28 2005
sounds strange..
nobody commented that before.
Are you sure you've got Metacity 2.0
or greater?
I'm sure it is rounded.
The theme name in Gnome Theme Manager
must be Metaplastik.

Are you sure you selected it? - Jan 06 2006
I've got it at DeviantArt..
it's under Renders...
or something like...
may i search it again.. and tell you
the right place... he he...

and thanks for comment...
P.D. i've done..
this is the link... - Dec 28 2005

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Dec 28 2005
May you can use XFE..
it's light and fast.
The only drawback to me is that it is
slow previewing images. But if you
don't need them, it 's good enough to
try it.

you can find it here... - Jan 06 2006
It is Nautilus...
You asked the same question before didn't you?
Why?... just Curiosity! he he ;-)
Thanks for comment! - Jan 03 2006

GTK2 Themes 104 comments

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Aug 23 2006
Your comments are blatantly false, 'cause you asumme every linux user is a Theft...

May you are a Microsoft Employee, just
ranting about "Intellectual Property"?, I think this is not the forum...

I agree with you, some people in the Linux community, doesn't care about copyrights..

But being Windows the most spreaded
Computer Operating System... Have you ever think, How many people and in how many countries use "Pirated" software mainly in Windows?...

Ask Microsoft and the BSA... Millions!
Bye... - Dec 08 2005
Vibrant SVG

Icon Sub-Sets 34 comments

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Jul 11 2009
Thanks for Answering! ..
It's fine you set a time to Respond...

I just want to Use This Icon Theme
i like so wery much in A New Distro

I'll aprecciate if you can Mail me those
SVG's you get, if you want it of course..

And thanks again... - Nov 23 2005
Everybody says, "This is GPL'ed icons" or "This is LGPL" but i don't see the Sources..
I mean, SVGs, SXDs, DXFs or any native format from the apps in that you Design the Icons...

Please... tell me, am i missing something?

Of course, this is a good job, But...
The Sources please! - Nov 15 2005
Future of SimpleKDE -Raleigh-

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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Oct 25 2005
I'm sorry but this looks Awful...
If the separation lines will be Drawn over desktop is an awful design...
may you can think of a Well designed desktop Sections..
everyone with is own Background an posible an image or something like it.

And about the bars.. you can't put two bars below..
and to put one above, and one below is just a Mac Imitation...
GNOME (arggggg) bars are enough for Linux... why don't you look at innovative concepts as the Simphony Desktop or something like...
Just my 0.01 cents...
Bye! - Oct 26 2005
KMenu launcher mod

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

by lxnay
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Jul 30 2005
First, Congratulations!...
I like this much than kbfx...
kbfx looks ugly (for me)...
I patched KDEBASE 3.4 and works
fine... i thought wouldn't..
Some suggestions:
-- Can you use different Icons?..
-- like 32, 64, 128 to adjust size whenever taskbar changes..
-- you can name this klauncher32, klauncher64, and install a hook when the taskbar changes to reload the correspondent Bitmap...
May be to load a bitmap for the taskbar background an then this will shine... I Loved!!
If you think i can help just get me an introduction to what you do and i can code this myself and mail it to you for inclusion...
Sorry for my english!!
Good Work - Aug 01 2005

Music Production 13 comments

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Feb 15 2006
May you dont know how to configure it but RoseGarden works fine using it inclusive with softsynths like fluidsynth...

You need to read more documentation to set it to your needs...

Thanx - Jan 12 2004


Science 78 comments

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Oct 29 2013
Did you look in their HomePage, there they said it can do graphics, via ImageMagick and other libraries...
Please chek it there , i'm interested too in this program and looks fine... - Jan 06 2004

Chat & Messenging 100 comments

by mattr
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Jul 13 2006
KMess is a good MSN client (only) but have a good interface and works great, show new mail, show connected, unconnected, etc...
It's something rare nobody mention KMess... I suppose i need to post it here in KDE-Apps.. He he ;) bye everybody - Jan 06 2004