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I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

... rich of presents and food ? at leas you look like having eaten lots of chocolate for days :-) in a few months its spring then you can go again outside and get some training ! - Dec 28 2006
True transparency for Konsole

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TheNacho 41 comments

well, i did not try it, just looked at the screen shots and your description. Since eterm can be switched frameless and into complete pseudo-transparency (duplicating background), I was wondering if that was possible with XGL, too. - Nov 05 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

thanks for that explanation. Ok seems to be unhappy with predefined bash stuff.

*But* KDEs konsole catches control-T and makes a new tab, it does not switch letters :-). Firefox catches control-T and makes a new tab.

And i would rather choose to focus on typing in the shell than to use letter-switching "short"cuts.

I am already searching where that transpose-chars appears :-) . Perhaps it is possible to circumvent the prob with dcop or similar stuff.

Since I am not a shell fetishist :-) I would rather like to use commonly similar meanings to put onto the same keys. - Sep 19 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

hi, the app seems to be cute, but i have a problem with keyboard shortcuts.

When I assign Control-T to 'new session' (open new tab) , then yakuake does not act accordingly. Instead opening a new tab, it exchanges the last 2 letters of my input line.

Is there a way to fix that ?
I am using kde-misc/yakuake-2.7.5 . - Sep 18 2006
todo theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by beneverard 3 comments

why do you want to implement functionality that is already provided by knotes with a superkaramba applet ? - Jul 23 2006
Gentoo - just emerge it

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 18 comments

ack! in every open air bath or at all uncommercialised lakes you can see the women with *less* clothes. they might visible to *all* other people and ages and might be even only a few meters away from your own towel ! it's only nature, nothing more, and nobody should feel offended.

I still do think that p0rn should be kept out of that site. - Jan 02 2006
Gentoo - just emerge it

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 18 comments

you can't hide it anyway how the people do look like without clothes. in 2 years your son will be on the funky way to maturity, its gonna be high time to learn the truth. better in a relaxed way than in a repressive environment. just explain to him what the picture tells. it that takes a man to be a dad. - Jan 02 2006
Gentoo - just emerge it

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 18 comments

ack, we don't have a problem with nudity in europe. not even a special classification or wording is necessary. you would get fired for surfing at the workplace in general, but surely not due to viewing such a picture. - Jan 02 2006
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

people could not understand why gerrrmany could have supported hitler and his atrocities. i do not belong to those who again did not know anything. you do -obviously- belong to those. as long as you keep your eyes shut and don't visit these countries by yourself, you will repeat germanys atrocity tradition.

I have visited middle and far asia, the usa, and europe and know so far that i can make a reasoneably founded decision for peace alone. - Nov 16 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

death is a master from the united states. - Nov 16 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

yes, be aware that military or racist motives are not welcome here. - Nov 16 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

freeing people from their lives (killing them) , putting them to death by daisycutters or polluting the whole area with uranium is not a good purpose at all. so i will not go out of the bounds of peace. what the u.$. terror regime does, does not affect any people in the affected countries positively. - Nov 16 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

you did not understand my comment ! deescalating does *not* mean to strike back. duplicating evil is why germany went to war and is an indoctrinated scheme in the western world. until you cannot free yourself from that scheme, you will always find a reason to go to war. - Nov 16 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

it takes only one side to be the aggressor. today politics must strive to act deescalating. everything that promotes war or violence is old-fashioned and will not survive. - Nov 15 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

do you know how many tons of depleted uranium were shot from these planes ? do you even have interest in seeing what the u.$. terror regime does with the nuclear attacks ? a regime that terrorizes the world does not deserve acknowledging. - Nov 15 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

gerrrmany doesn't sing nazi songs, nor should you heroize military stuff. especially not while the u$ torture regime is still in power. - Nov 15 2005

Wallpaper Other by Salpiche 2 comments

yahoo disallows download. - Sep 25 2005

Wallpaper Other by Eskobar 6 comments

forced cat ! cats don't like forcing them, they usually do what they like. that's how you shall picture them. - Sep 24 2005
Motorcycle Gauges

Wallpaper Other by rsirojc 3 comments

for my taste: too few gauges, to dirty, too oldfashioned. it's not so easy to get analog arrows *under* the dirt and keeping system load low ! :) - Sep 12 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by Futuristic 2 comments

hi, did you create that wallpaper yourself ? if yes, would you like to create some background for me or for some style of co-production :-) ?

I am currently going to re-program my clockshop theme and could integrate some cool background graphics with lots of round stuff inside. - Sep 02 2005
Info Sistema y amaroK en EspaƱol

Karamba & Superkaramba by Eugeni 5 comments

in spain ? i did't know that. - Sep 01 2005
Mount Fuji

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 3 comments

i would like to know if this is an u$-american site. no people on the world shows a tremendously uptight attitude towards some spurious boobage like the united states people. in europe, nobody cares if they see tits or belly button.
on the other hand, I think the admins are doing the right thing when preventing that site being flooded by p()rn pics. - Aug 01 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by CoyoteSeven 3 comments

this shall not be an affront to the author. but: can somebody tell me why there are 100s of themes that look like that theme ?

aaaall of them look the same ... boring, isn't it ? - Jul 24 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by freemail6 4 comments

i wouldn't like orange for buttons. they would drag too much attention. - Jul 16 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by stonedbush 12 comments

keeping up the plant is not advertising for drugs. that plant has many useful applications, and is not only to be known as drug. viewing that plant only as a drug is mainly due to propaganda and mind-control techniques. you might consider to wide your scope of watching your environment. - Jun 21 2005

Wallpaper Other by MomoTiger 4 comments

it looks like it is in 20% fear - Jun 07 2005
Ambidexter Amber

Cursors by Maxilys 12 comments

I like it very much. Thanks for the great moving :-) - May 13 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 326 comments

Hello, i just installed superkaramba and some theme, but the transparency is not working. I only see a black pane and some defined graphics on it.
Also, I didn't find any help on the sourceforge forum.

More specs & discussion about it here:

How can I check or repair transparent display ?

kdelibs-3.3.2-r7 - Apr 17 2005