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Kris Linville , United States of America
gnome smoke

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Jan 01 2009
I would like to see the blue smoke and the black smoke both without the Gnome foot logo and both with a transparent background if possible. I really like the blue smoke a lot, but I want to be able to set my background color.

Great Work! - Dec 30 2008

Conky 126 comments

by meek
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Jun 10 2008
I love this screenlet, but there are two key things that keep it form being perfect for me.

1.) It should launch pidgin in the background, so that it doesn't have to be running and minimized to tray for the screenlet to work.

2.) Could it use the nested buddy aliases, where you can have all of a person's account included under a single entry in the buddy list, as you can in real buddy list.

Thanks and keep up the great work! - Sep 02 2008
Slickness Black

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Feb 18 2008
Great theme... I'm using the GTK and Emerald themes, currently.

I have one question.

What is that fractal background image in your third screenshot? It looks like something that I would like very much, but it's not included in your theme.

Thanks! - Aug 19 2008
Linux Matrix

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by josec87

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9   Nov 24 2010