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Uwe der Linuxsusefan Stuttgart, Germany
MyHumanity Mono and Light

Icon Sub-Sets by Magog64 52 comments


My System: Ubuntgu 12.04 + GNOME 3.4 with Adwaita Theme + Icon Set ? Myhumanty

when I activate the theme (my-humanty), the panel, the battery icon is displayed very too small. Also the battery icon is now in the cross panel, instead of the standard theme where the battery icon is displayed upright. Is there a way to adjust the icon again so that it is again illustrated by the GNOME Shell Theme?

Many, many thanks for your work! Is a very nice theme and I use it very much. :-) - Jan 10 2013

Video Apps by MonsterMagnet 42 comments


good Job, very nice Player,

Thanks for your Job! - Mar 20 2010
New Wallpaper

Plasma 4 Extensions
by alz83

9   Jan 19 2011
Luna.svgz (Full Vector)

Plasma 4 Extensions
by jmtodaro

9   Jan 19 2011