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Shane linuxgangster
Linux Thugette with crosshair

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Dec 06 2005
Ok first off, there is nothing creepy about the pic.

Unless women are creepy to you. Do women cartoons creep you out? The only creepy thing I can see is you

h8 back @ - Dec 06 2005
Linux Thugette with crosshair

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Dec 06 2005
Why the glorification of kids drinking beer? Have we devolved so much that we now look up to and admire alcoholics? What's next, drug dealers for Linux? Crack addicts for Linux?

See it works that way with your avatar to.

H8 back at - Dec 06 2005
Your crack me up man. Why not go to my site and read up a little before you start judging and making a idiot out of yourself.

All of these pics are for fun, nothing more. The whole "gangster" mentality that we are showing off is nothing more then pocking fun of all the geeks that claim to be hardcore. You know the ones that are l33t. When I think of those guys I think of stupid thug gangsters, and thats where I came up with the idea.

Quit taking everything so seriously and just learn to laugh at things and enjoy good artwork.

I swear this place is full of a bunch of whiney, judgemental, and weird people. Have fun people, quit judging and crying.

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Linux Thugette with Pimp Tux

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Dec 05 2005
Well, Scotinno (creator of the images) put alot of work into these pics. There suppose to be fun. So in my opnion it was taken just right to the point.

Thats like saying your avatar of the female fox is taking it to far. Its not meant to be anything other than what it is. A cool bad ass looking fox cartoon! - Dec 05 2005
You guys are taking these wallpapers way to seriously. The pimping Tux and Thugette are for entertainment only. Its meant to be funny. Calling it furry prositution just shows how weird you really are. If you got a thing for animals, or people dressed in animal suits go share that somewhere else bro. This is not the place for that kind of weirdness

H8 on me at for teh win - Dec 05 2005
Linux Thugette - 1

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Nov 18 2005
Whats the deal with all the low scores? - Nov 18 2005