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Tropical TuxSaver Source

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Oct 27 2004

Can you send me an email with some more information ?
Can you run it in a terminal and send me the output ? - Dec 23 2003
Actually I just wanted to wait a day and see if everything works ok with the source, before making an rpm.
Because people compiling from source, know more about programming and give better bugreports.

But if you really can't wait, I can make it right now.
I'll put in online within a few minutes, :-) - Dec 23 2003

You can change the island in the setup dialogbox. There you can also change the hat, the sea, the sounds, ... - Dec 22 2003
I found out about this bug myself a month ago. But I didn't do a release yet because I wanted to port everything to the new automake/autoconf/kdevelop.
(which I'm still trying to do....) and translations (for french and dutch)

Hopefully I'll do a release by the end of the month (but I have to study for the exams) - Dec 15 2003
the objects are made with ac3d.
ac3d is a 3D drawing application which is free (as in beer, not as in speech) for download at (for linux and windows)

The file format is documented very well and is also used by a lot of opensource linux games. - May 30 2003
I will upgrade my automake during the next week and maybe release a 7.1 with the new autmake and some new stories/objects,
but I don't have much time right now, because I'm in de middle of my exams.

I just released the rpm for Mandrake, so maybe you can use that one for now.

btw: Interested in drawing some 3D object or writing some stories for Tuxsaver ?, :-) - May 29 2003
I just wanted to release the source code of the 0.5 version. I've just released the mandrake rpm.
I will take a look at it before a release the sourcecode.

Both tuxsaver 0.4 and 0.5 compile correct on my mandrake 9.0 box, both on qt 3.0.x and on qt 3.1.1, so it's probably a debian specific problem.

Thanks for the bugreport, send me an email if you can give me more information about this bug.

If somebody else finds remaining bugs in the upcoming 0.5 release, please send me a bugreport by email, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. - Mar 09 2003
are you sure you installed the development libs ?

- Jan 29 2003
seems like there is something wrong with your default include path.
Make sure that you include the right version of string.h

I compiled in both on mandrake 9.0 and Suse 8.0. - Jan 27 2003
TuxSaver Mandrake RPM and Debian package

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Oct 27 2004
possible problems:

1) most of the time it is a problem with the nvidia drivers.
Try to overwrite your nvidia drivers with the Mesa-rpms. Check if it works with the (unaccelerated) mesa drivers. Then try to reinstall the nvidia drivers.

2) Sometimes the problem is that the screensaver can't find the opengl library.
make sure there is a link in /usr/X11R6/lib/ Try to run 'tuxsaver' in a console and see if there are any error messages about the libGL library.

3) did you install libGLU too ?, you need libGLU too, it is part of Mesa. - Sep 14 2003

We are approaching the 1.0 release, so things ought to get kind of finished.

All the things I wanted to add to it for a 1.0 release are almost implemented. So I'm going to clean up the code and the stories a bit, and that will be the next release.

I'm always looking for people who want to change/add 3D objects and stories, but nobody seems to be interested. - Aug 31 2003
I fixed the problem.
I've added an entry to /usr/lib/menu which automaticly generates menuentries.
This fix will be included in the next release.

thanks, for the bugreport

btw: the next release will include sound. - Mar 07 2003
Can you give me more information about this ?

On my mandrakesystem and the other computers where I installed tuxsaver, the screensaver didn't disapear.

I made a kde-desktop-link in

Does anybody know if this is the right way to do it ? - Mar 07 2003
We're working on it.

The next release wil include sound (and there will be waves in the sea, extra objects, extra stories,... )

If you have good sounds or music can you send it to me ?
Enabling sound is not so difficult , but finding good soundsamples is a lot more work.
- Dec 23 2002
OpenOffice.org1.1 toolbar icon themes

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by kol
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Oct 27 2003
I'm sorry but got it be that your emailaccount is closed or something ?
Because I tried three times and I always get a mail back with this message:

(reason: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account ( [0] - - Jul 27 2003
I tried to send you some extra icons, but your email address appears to be incorrect.

Is this your emailaddress ?:
- Jul 27 2003
I tried to send you some extra icons, but your email address appears to be incorrect.

Is this your emailaddress ?:
- Jul 27 2003
Please keep on working on this.
It's really fantastic.

I'll try to convert some icons myself and I hope a lot of other people will join you. - Jul 26 2003