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Hmm... Link is still broken.
"The file link that you requested is not valid." - Dec 27 2008

Fluxbox Themes by vermaden 11 comments

I don't know how to set the GTK2 theme :(

It is set in Gnome and works fine, but not in fluxbox. If I start the gnome-settings-daemon, it loads all the other stuff from the gnome session too.

I also noticed that in Google the search bar is black, which is very annoying... Can you provide a patch or something?

Thanks! - Jul 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 5 comments

How much for the telescope? :D
Good work! ;) - Jan 04 2008
Linux charge

Wallpaper Other by ader10 7 comments

I really like your wallpaper :) It must be hard to make one.
Could you tell me what is that screenlet you have there. Where can I download it ? I've googling, but I couldn't find any name. - Jan 04 2008