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GTK2 Themes by marcus68 12 comments

Although I do realize there are those out there who absolutely do not like Windows, the interface similarities with this theme are very close. Microsoft spends way to much money on trying to figure out what the majority of users consider an aesthetically pleasing desktop look. Vista got a lot of input from the general consumer about what it should look like. So what's that mean? Hey, I like the look of the desktop. Problem is, as much as I try, I cannot use Windows. I am to used to the freedoms and securities of Linux which allow me to make my desktop and system exactly what I want, safely and securely. The looks of Vista I like. Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy the look of Vista without having to go through the pitfalls of Vista. I have had nothing on my home systems except for Linux since a little after SLS came out in 1993. Ian Murdock and Patrick Volkerding have always been my OS heroes! Now after all this time, I found a theme I have actually stuck with! Thx. - Oct 25 2009