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niki li
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May 27 2020
I want to resize them in command line(batch mode), this makes the work simple. If using Photoshop/GIMP, there are a lot work to do.
I use rsvg-convert from librsvg2 to resize svg. The picture is of good quality.
But for 16, 24 ,32 png icons resized using rsvg-convert from svg, they are not clear enough.
Thank you anyway.
- Feb 21 2017
Hi, I'm triying to create my own icons and found that the png icons in 16, 24 ,32.. are different from png icons resized from scalable svgs.
Can you tell me how to quickly resize to png icons in 16, 24 ,32...?
Thank you - Feb 21 2017

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May 08 2016
I didn't know how to reply this message for months. The svg file can be resize with librsvg2(has been descripted in file ''). size 128 was generated by this script. Thank you all the same. - Jun 27 2016

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by petrucci4prez

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9   Mar 17 2017