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Aug 07 2002
I successfully compiled both savers under SuSE 8.1 with KDE3 using the option "--prefix=/opt/kde3".

The screensavers finally got installed well into /opt/kde3/bin (binaries) and /opt/kde3/share/apps/kfiresaver (the 4 data files).

kfiresaver3D v0.6 successfully finds the bitmap "particle.bmp" as well as the PNGs - the fireworks look just great, exploding KDE and TUX logos appear. As expected, it also complains if the files cannot be found in this data directory mentioned above - fine.

kfiresaver 0.4 works fine in general, but seems not to use the "particle.bmp" at all: The fire effect is blocky. But it complains if it cannot find the particle bitmaps in this data directory mentioned above. Very strange... - Oct 15 2003