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Aug 22 2010
In conky, you define fonts like:
${font Droid Sans:style=Bold:size=8}Some text or something${font}

Or more generally, in the format of:
${font <font name>(:style=<style stuff>)} output in desired font ${font}
If you don't get it, read the conky documentation on their website (I think they have it there) or the man page. - Nov 15 2010
I'm not really sure I get how you want it to look, but if you modify the templates in /.conkytransmission/templates/ you could make it look however you wanted pretty much. You don't HAVE to use lua_bar if you don't want to's just for me it tends to work pretty well, so I used that by default when I designed the original templates. I wish I was a lua master so I could tell you how to do all kinds of crazy cool stuff with lua, but I'm just very very novice with lua - Oct 16 2010
firstly, and I cannot stress this enough, all code that runs in conkytransmission is either python, or one single lua function that mearly returns the same value it gets. If you are getting errors that aren't python errors (run it in a terminal to see), it's either the conky code in one of the templates causing issues, or your conky settings that are messing things up.

A common cause for errors when using conkytransmission is a couple conky settings in particular:

text_buffer_size bytes : this basically tells conky the max amount in bytes to process. If you are getting "unknown variable" errors with the default templates, this is likely the cause. Increase this value and you should be fine.

max_specials : this defaults to 512. It determines the max number of fonts, offsets, aligns, etc. If you get a "too many special things" error, increase this number.

conky can be annoying to troubleshoot, as there is so much that can go wrong. Just thought I'd let people know what I've found to help... - Aug 23 2010
odd. I tested the install script and made sure it always copied everything to your home dir regardless of if the path ~/.conkytransmission already exists or not. If you come across a fix for my install script for your case, would you let me know? Glad you got it working though! - Aug 22 2010
So you actually mean at the torrent level. So do you think a keyword match sort of a feature would work? I suppose it would be a matter of having a cli argument for a keyword-hide file, and if any of the keywords in that file are in the title, the torrent wouldn't show. If you think something like that would work...I'll keep it in mind for the next version. Cause that's kinda the only way I can think of doing something like that...unless you have some other idea. Since it's an external script...the file would be checked on every you could add words on the fly that way... - Aug 22 2010
You can use the -a parameter on the call to in your conkyrc file, which will then only list active torrents (downloading, seeding, or down and up). That is as much "selection" of torrents as I have programmed in though. What exactly were you thinking though? I may be able to add the feature in a future update. - Aug 22 2010
The new version is not likely to fix your issue I don't believe. I think it's an issue related to the configuration settings of your ~/.conkyrc
I know for a fact that the "special things" error can be prevented by setting the max_specials variable higher, as I got the same error when I set that to a low value to see if I was giving you good advice. - Aug 22 2010
actually... regarding the "to many special things" error you got, I think this is the answer: (from the conky manpage)
Maximum number of special things, e.g. fonts, offsets, aligns, etc. (default is 512)

I'm guessing you need to change this setting in your ~/.conkyrc file. The other error I'm guessing/hoping is because of this as well...but I don't know for sure. I just ran across this info today. Hope it helps - Aug 21 2010
I really am not sure. I haven't encountered this error yet.

I know I have the conky-all package installed...which has all compile options enabled.

As long as you have transmission-cli installed, and can see the web interface, and have the line I posted to add to your conkyrc, it should work i'd think

I'd be willing to look and test your .conkyrc on my system if you would like. However, I'm no conky expert, so I'm not gonna guarantee I can figure it out.

BTW...I've got a new version I'll be putting up soon that has templates, cli options...and all kinds of goodies. It's a huge improvement over the version you have. - Aug 20 2010