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May 19 2009
I just created a github repository, you should find it if you go to and look for "eyesaver".
We can continue our discussion on github wiki, if it works...

ps:you're right, the code is written in Italian! It has to be almost impossible to understand it if you don't speak italian! :)
(if i have some time i'll try to translate it and add some comments before the next release...) - Jul 04 2009
That would be great! i tried to do that myself, but i failed miserably..
as for the patch you can send it to me at: lsnpreziosi[at]gmail[dot]com,
or you could upload it somewhere..
thank you and goodbye! - Jun 28 2009
I'm sorry, it was working for me (probably because i had some cookies on my pc). Now i uploaded the tarball on and it should work.
Thanks for the report - Sep 25 2008