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Leonardo Freitas
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Plasma 4 Extensions 9 comments

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Apr 09 2014
I've registered a bug for it:

As a workaround until the ebuild is fixzed, you can install either genlop to install its dependencies or dev-perl/DateManip. - Apr 09 2014
True. I'm working on fixing it. - Apr 09 2014
Probably that is the problem - do you know why genlop -c doesn't work on your system? What of genlop works there? - Dec 08 2011
Hi, thank you :D
I got invalid paste ID

have you tested in your machine? did it worked well? - Dec 07 2011
Artwiz Drift TTF

Fonts 3 comments

by jpeg
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Dec 29 2008
Nice. What about the others artwiz fonts?

Also, what do you used to create it? - Mar 04 2014
Make Progress!

Plasma 4 Extensions 26 comments

by msan
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Apr 25 2011

I am trying to (ab)use this plasmoid to meter cpu usage. I have created a script that calculates cpu usage and returns it as a number. When providing this script to Make Progress! plasmoid, it runs it right the first time but then it never gets runned again. Is there a way to fix that? - Jul 30 2012

QtCurve 546 comments

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Jan 08 2013
Hello Hugo.

I've installed this patch here: (the one mentioned by Kurt Hindenburg) to blur konsole transparent windows. It works on default oxygen but it doesn't in oxygen-transparent. Do you have any clue on that? I am using KDE 4.8.3
- Jun 14 2012