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Lester John , Ukraine
Various Gnome Stuff
Equinox engine for GTK+ (Fedora RPMs)

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Apr 22 2011
Many thanks to you! - Apr 08 2010
Multirow notification area

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Jun 13 2009
I'm afraid it's not needed, since ubuntu developers already develop new application icons or something. - Feb 23 2010
uninstallation is pretty easy: just reinstall a package gnome-panel from your repository, it should replace the modified files. then remove the tray and re-add it. - Feb 23 2010
I'm afraid this patch is not working anymore. I have no time to port it to a new version of gnome-panel, and therefore it's not applicable now. More, it is planed to drop gnome tray completely in the favour of a new application menus. - Feb 19 2010
It is a patch you should save with a "Save as..." option. Please, read instructions carefully how to apply this patch. - Sep 07 2009
It seems that some versions of the gtk have GtkTable broken. I see no problems on 2.14 I do on 2.16. It's so weird. - Jun 22 2009
Damn. I see the problem but can't reproduce it because I'm currently using a gnome-panel 2.24.3 from fedora 10, and I'm not able to upgrade at the moment. Please wait till Monday when I'll get to my ubuntu 9.04 and fix the problem. - Jun 13 2009
Thanks, I'll update the post with your instructions! - Jun 13 2009
Interesting, you're right about banshee, I didn't notice that since I don't use it. Need to look deeper to find out what's wrong with it. As for other panel - it works for me, I mean the tray changes its size like it should. What are your distro and gnome version? - Jun 13 2009
yeah, that's what I was talking about. Do an apt-get install libpanel-applet2-dev, this should help - Jun 13 2009
oh sorry, didn't notice you said configure. Your configuration ended with an error, you need to look what libraries are missing and install them with apt or yum. - Jun 13 2009
you forgot ./configure --prefix=/usr - Jun 13 2009
Thank you, that's not a goal I tried to achieve at the first place, but if it works I'm glad you like it. - Jun 13 2009

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
Never mind, that was an outdated theme for the previous version of the dockbarx. Keep the good work up! - Aug 27 2009
I'm getting $ run-in-window
dockbar init
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/", line 3551, in <module>
dockbarwin = DockBarWindow()
File "/usr/bin/", line 3519, in __init__
self.dockbar = DockBar(None)
File "/usr/bin/", line 3179, in __init__
File "/usr/bin/", line 3222, in reload
File "/usr/bin/", line 343, in get_gap
return int(self.theme['button_pixmap'].get('gap', 0))
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

trying to launch it. I'm on Ubuntu 9.04, seems everything needed is installed. - Aug 27 2009
Damn, "in your dockbar", "Works". I need to get some sleep definitely. - Apr 01 2009
here's a small patch to enable rgba transparency to your dockbar. Work's only in window mode, though, because applet's colormap is controlled by panel. - Apr 01 2009
That's what I get

$ ./ run-in-window
dockbar init

after opening the prefs and clicking on the some widgets. - Mar 25 2009
whoops, seems like it actually works, but only with 'run-in-window' key. - Mar 25 2009
this applet doesn't work. It says

"Cannot load ~/.dockbar/active_icon.png or /usr/share/pixmaps/dockbar/active_icon.png. DockBar will work but will not look as good."

and hangs so hard that only kill -9 helps.

P.S. Yes, images indeed are in the place and no traceback received. - Mar 25 2009
DockbarX Experimental Modification

DockbarX Themes 15 comments

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Jul 10 2009
It seems that I found the problem (btw, only in mod-2 and mod-3, mod-1 seems working):

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 1625, in button_mouse_enter
pixbuf = self.icon_factory.pixbuf_update(self.icon_mode | self.icon_effect | IconFactory.BRIGHT | self.icon_active | self.dd_effect)
File "./", line 243, in pixbuf_update
pixbuf = self.add_glow(pixbuf)
File "./", line 481, in add_glow
colorpb = self.colorize_pixbuf(pixbuf, r, g, b)
File "./", line 579, in colorize_pixbuf
pix[0] = int((r + pix[0]) / 2)
ValueError: function not supported
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 1635, in button_mouse_leave
pixbuf = self.icon_factory.pixbuf_update(self.icon_mode | self.icon_effect | self.icon_active | self.dd_effect)
File "./", line 243, in pixbuf_update
pixbuf = self.add_glow(pixbuf)
File "./", line 481, in add_glow
colorpb = self.colorize_pixbuf(pixbuf, r, g, b)
File "./", line 579, in colorize_pixbuf
pix[0] = int((r + pix[0]) / 2)
ValueError: function not supported
- Jul 04 2009
The way to reproduce is easy:

1) open some firefox windows, they should be under the single icon on the panel.

2) click the icon twice to minimize and maximize windows. You'll notice a popup window with the list of firefox'es.

3) move a cursor away to make the popup window dissapear.

4) hove the icon again with the mouse. A window should pop-up, but it doesn't.

There is no such bug in the vanilla dockbar and it's modification dockbarX, so you might broke something apparently. - Jul 04 2009
Btw, I found a bug in it. If you switch to a group of findows, e.g. firefox, the popup list won't show then. So you're unable to switch to another window in the same group. And sometimes it fail to remove the window even if it's closed but this is too inconsistent and rare. - Jul 04 2009
Very many thanks! - Jul 03 2009
DockbarX Experimental Windows 7 style

DockbarX Themes 11 comments

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May 11 2009
how about the code? - May 12 2009
Grass Panel 52

Various Gnome Stuff 8 comments

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Apr 02 2009
that's what I call fantastic. - Apr 02 2009
RGBA Gtk+ module

Various Gnome Stuff 56 comments

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Feb 23 2010
...but I've already submitted here a similar one once Then Cimi came and asked me to remove the entry. He doesn't like an interference with his code. Hope you will succeed more then me. - Mar 10 2009
New SlicknesS Theme 2009

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by edren
Score 50.0%
Feb 04 2009
emesene, windows seven, skype... man, are you sure you choose the right OS? - Feb 03 2009

GTK2 Themes 1 comment

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Jan 30 2009
but you may also look at the patched gtk-pixbuf engine - Jan 28 2009
Diamond MAXX

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 21 2008
That's a KDE 4.2 plasmoid. - Oct 22 2008
Proprietary Software

GDM Themes 8 comments

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Oct 14 2008
do you have it? I think this theme would be great for stucking the windows newbies, as they suspect to see it on the screen each time they are logged in. C'mon, don't blame this guy, as he did a cool job to almost identically replicate the alternative system's logon screen. - Oct 15 2008
Muse Suite

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Sep 19 2008
is this theme using? Looks like it's Excelsior, but I'm not sure. - Sep 20 2008
New System Sounds - Two sets

System Sounds 14 comments

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Sep 15 2008
Really pleasant sounds, allready using them. One hint though: sound3 sounds somewhat... well... disharmonious or something. It's quite unexpectable to hear that in the overall sound theme. - Sep 15 2008
Google Chrome Metacity

Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Sep 09 2008
It is Chrome under Wine, isn't it?

Nevertheless voted good, I like colors despite a bit vistaish look. - Sep 09 2008

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

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Oct 18 2008
very unusual! - Sep 06 2008

Cursors 6 comments

by fnaax
Score 58.0%
Sep 01 2008
are these cursors covered with intellectual property rights? - Sep 01 2008
Linux Sucks

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 29 2008
Fat troll. Very fat. - Jul 29 2008

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Aug 24 2008
You made two mistakes I think - a black font on the gray background, and white font on the light gray background. The rest of the theme is nice. - Jul 27 2008
Metal Theme

GTK2 Themes 21 comments

Score 58.0%
Jul 25 2008
Especially the background, but I think the comboboxes are a bit odd, you might be interested in this way to fix it - Jul 25 2008
Elegant Azur

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 21 2008
except black labels on prelightened buttons. Keep good work! - Jul 19 2008

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

by Hund
Score 50.0%
Jun 09 2008
Btw, how did you managed to make panels transparent? - Jun 10 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

GTK2 Themes 218 comments

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May 30 2008
Definitely, Evolution developers must've been smoking something odd last time, I guess.

Thank's for the fix, downloading now! - May 30 2008
Thanks, man!

And one more issue, hope I don't bother you too much. Evolution's ugly dropdown button needs a workaround, since they have sucked with all the interface guidelines.

Here's how it looks like for me - May 29 2008
Wonderfull theme, I like it so much! One issue though, spinbox buttons don't operate flawlessly. The upper one isn't pressed at all, and the lower is pressed but kinda weird. Can you fix it, please? Thanks, and keep good work! - May 28 2008

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

by gluk
Score 50.0%
Apr 18 2008
but there are way too much details on the small icons, so they are blending into some illegible mess, sorry - Mar 14 2008
Hardy Theme

GTK2 Themes 95 comments

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Jun 03 2008
...but too contrast imo. - Jan 22 2008

GTK2 Themes 23 comments

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Feb 01 2008
This theme is my favorite now! Thank you! - Jan 14 2008
One more notice:

buttons with focus seem to have double shadow, so pressing them does one shadow to remove, but the second stays. This makes different styles on button which have focus and which does not. I think it's slightly confusing - Dec 26 2007
-- It causes Gimmie to lose its icons

just open the .themes/Cyllene/gtkrc
and change the gtk-button-images and gtk-menu-images to 1 - Dec 26 2007
I see you changed the scrollbar and progressbar images? The old ones looked better IMO.

Btw, are you going to skin spinbutton control? - Dec 26 2007
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Feb 28 2010
Score 50.0%
Jul 03 2009