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Feb 02 2019
I agree in most of things... I thought it was not a novice in GNOME, but Gnome Shell is also not for me. Maybe i'm the exception of the rule or just simple I'm really a novice but I had not noticed it before :) I thing that people you heard that are defending the idea that gnome shell is not for novices, are using the same arguments that we listen in several Linux areas when something is not working properly and need a big user intervention. Like for example can be the argument we listening from the Arch-Linux community many times. I don't thing that is something valid, so... The reason of the software is to make the things easy to the user, not the opposite. - Feb 05 2019
I think is not about know or not JS. If you are making software to a platform, sooner or later you will need the help of the platform creators. If you will as a developer invert time in learning something, is not because you want to create a war and then lose the benefis you can achive with your learn.

Create a global menu in gnome is invert time in go to the "opposite" of what the GNOME developers consider ok and his direction. Maybe other developers will help you to keep working in an alternative solution, but not the Gnome develoepers, is not in his blood make that. They (most of them) try to destroy and critique all that is not in his radars. In that context create a GNOME software like the global menu extension is an auto-killed for the developer. To have a succes, it will end up hacking the plaform who is at less twice more dificult that develop something in normal conditions also without take in accound a possible help of the creators. - Feb 05 2019
You are a user and the reason cost-benefit is always positive for a user, because a user don't invert anything in a free software product. What i talking about is why for DEVELOPERS the reason cost-benefit is negative? Also is more, because as you are suggesting there are a lot of users that want to have a global menu in GNOME. In other words: Where is o who is the part of the ecuation that produce that negative cost? If there the problem and if you want really-really a global menu in GNOME you will need to fix that rotten part of the equation. - Feb 05 2019
Ok, the main reason of my comment is that most of code are there and right now Gtk 4.0 is not released so, if some developer only add fixes for the 3.30 release it will work again. Is not the first time that some external developer fix an extension that is only broken because a shell update. Is also intresting that there are not any developer that want to fix it for now. So, again the point is that this is not working on 3.30, because really there are not many that want to make it work... To a good listener, with a few words is enough...
Saludos... - Feb 04 2019
Yes, the Gnome Global Menu extension have not support for Gnome Shell 3.30 and will not support i think. What is true is that is two years old but the last version that was made by me is not this one. Is this one: with work really good on 3.28 different of what happens with the two years old version. On the another hand the project will not gets harder in Gnome 3.30 or something similar. The Gnome developers are who get harder every day more. I'm done of to have discussions to request support for the Gtk toolkit with them and this is the problem only. Make the extension work in Gnome3.30 is just easy to me, but make the extension work in Gtk 4.0 (When it will released), for example will not be so easy, because Gtk4 have not support anymore for the global menu in general. - Feb 04 2019
ultracopier send to media

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Mar 17 2014
I will not try to support any other ubuntu version than the LTS and only if is easy make a patch in the extension. What i use is nemo and not nautilus. Nautilus is supported, because i don' t need to do any exceptional thing. Apparently now is needed. Sorry. - Jul 17 2015
An utility to integrate UltraCopier in the Nautilus and Nemo file manager.

- After install, restart your computer(recommended), logout and login, or execute for:
Nemo: nemo -q (save your work first)
Nautilus: nautilus -q (save your work first)

- To configure your keyboard shortcut, rigth click on the desktop and then in Configure UltraCopier.

To install on ubuntu 14.04:

For Nemo:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lestcape/ultracopier-extensions
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nemo-ultracopier

For Nautilus:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lestcape/ultracopier-extensions
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nautilus-ultracopier

To remove:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:lestcape/ultracopier-extension

For Nemo:
sudo apt-get purge nemo-ultracopier

For Nautilus:
sudo apt-get purge nautilus-ultracopier

Report any problem or create a packages for any other distro: - Nov 26 2014