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Karamba & Superkaramba by lessyam 3 comments

Yes sorry...

The two right corners (bottom and top) are interactive and enable to shutdown screen, and to launch xscreensaver.

This idea is not from me, it's a very good one which i wanted to include.

Icons are not from me.

Special font is BORG9. Find it very nice. - Aug 05 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by lessyam 3 comments

I just wanna say that, for the amarok remote, the four icons a its left are made to launch amarok playing a special playlist. U just have to configure it...

Lessyam - Aug 05 2004
KDE Media Center (idea)

Desktop Concepts by djworld 22 comments

All of those ideas are quite good. And microsoft has already have them before. I'm not here to talk about their Longhorn project, of an entire media black box, totaly user friendly, but totaly not configurable...

I just remember why i came on linux. With it, i was able to do exactly what i want, by the way i want. The simple idea of a all in one apps go against that idea. It's sure that it brings some complications, it is less "user friendly" to have to create a playlist, to export it, and to burn it, with to separated apps, for example, but there are also some inconvenients to use such an apps as iTunes or Winamp... They do all, but they do it bad...

A last point; the "media center" project by microsoft is perhaps not a bad idea, but a home dvd player and a TV could even do the same thing (playing cd's,dvd's, ripping and burning it...), is sometimes cheaper than the microsoft OS... and you won't get any virus with it!

;-) - Aug 02 2004