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Jaime Mendoza
KDE 3.0.3 on Slackware 8.1

KDE Plasma Screenshots by lescrh 3 comments

Is only a ICQ client

the other is kopete - Oct 17 2002
Quicksilver (Kill me!)

Wallpaper Other by reto 7 comments

Any linux/BSD* users says: "I use linux/BSD* but linux/BSD* don't have programs
like Photoshop o 3DStudio from windows operating system, and use photoshop with wine"
¿ Something why uses linux/BSD* ?, i believe this not best for free software (KDE is free software remember),
and the majority contains from this site was not made with free software..
All the icons from gnome and wallpapers, was made with gimp ¿ Why don't make a wallpapers, splash screens, ... with gimp ?
If you are a graphical designer is comprensible, but for a wallpaper, splash screen, i believe this is suficient. no ?
Two frases :
"If likes use a free operating system use a free software"
"If likes a propertary software
(3D studio, and photoshop you have much money, but your software is legal right ? i don't believe ...)use MacOS or windows"

Kill me :P

but this is cruel reality ... - Sep 07 2002