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Gianluca Inverso
Ambiance Oneiric non-pixelated corners

Metacity Themes by LeoZappa 4 comments

No, unfortunately this is the best one can get from the current theming capabilities. - Feb 04 2012
Ambiance-Maverick Borderless

Beryl/Emerald Themes by LeoZappa 3 comments

Maybe. What I can do is modify the Ambiance Metacity theme in Oneiric to remove borders and reduce corner roundness, so that aliasing is not evident. I won't redo the theme for Emerald, because I don't expect it to work on Oneiric. - Sep 20 2011

GTK2 Themes by zacbarton 62 comments

Hi again! in 0.2 menubar items of panels (just like in the main menubar on the top left) are miscolored when active, namely gray instead of blue.

Thanks for this wonderful theme!! :) - Mar 26 2010

GTK2 Themes by zacbarton 62 comments

I think it looks really great!!! I'm using it with MeliaeSVG-Dark icon theme..

For Firefox, I'd suggest to use theCompactMenu extension to get rid of the menus and bring all buttons and location/search-bar to the menubar, so that you can remove both toolbars and get this:


By the way, letters like "g" and "p" are cut in the metacity theme (see scrnshot) - Mar 21 2010
Nautilus RGBA support

Various Gnome Stuff by algalord 17 comments

When Nautilus draws the desktop, it actually draws a special fullscreen window with no toolbars, and sets the background to the gnome wallpaper. This desktop window is draw OVER the wallpapers managed by the Compiz plugin. Hacking Nautilus to behave just as the gnome-terminal (i.e. the background can be transparent), we would hav nautilus that manages the icons and draws a really transparent background, so that wallpapers from Compiz would be visible.
I re-wrote this because I'm not sure that we're talking about the same thing :P
So all I'm asking is really: would it be difficult to hack? I admit I'm not a programmer. But I'd like to have both icons and != wallpapers and this looks like the more conservative way to achieve it (wallpapoz looks more hacky than this...) Thanks for your attention! :) - Mar 20 2009
Nautilus RGBA support

Various Gnome Stuff by algalord 17 comments

Thanks a lot!!! :-)
Is it also possible to set a REALLY transparent wallpaper? Togheter with the compiz wallpaper plugin, this would allow for different backgrounds for every viewport, without loss of functinality (i.e. desktop icons...) :D - Feb 25 2009

Metacity Themes by fym 8 comments

This theme is fantastic!!
My compliments for your work: I read the xml and it's really complicated, you must have put a lot of effort in it!
I added icons also on unfocused windows, so that the title doesn't "jump" sidewards when the win gets focus. It also looks better in in my opinion :)

Back to the questions:

1) I like it as it is now! :)

2) You could maybe add the symbols in grey, I'd prefer it (some windows don't allow all three actions: how do I know which are allowed until I hover the two remaining buttons?)

3) That's really only a matter of tastes. Maybe you can do a variant with square bottom corners ;)

- Feb 03 2009

Metacity Themes
by fym

Feb 03 2009