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Leo Solaris Irmo, United States of America

Openbox Themes by LeoSolaris 2 comments

I went ahead and gave it an update.

I haven't spotted any further problems that need changed. - Nov 08 2009

Openbox Themes by LeoSolaris 2 comments

I noticed a minor something wrong with my theme:

The desktop selection box is the same color as it's background.

I changed it to a nice gradient to fit with the rest of the theme, but it's such a minor thing... should I make an update for it? V1.1? - Nov 05 2009
Chrome Glass

Cursors by fnaax 24 comments

I really like this mouse theme. It fits perfectly with my current desktop configuration.

Awesome work! - Sep 30 2009
Black Ice

GDM Themes by ThinkDifferenter 2 comments

I like it. The one I made a while back and recently posted did not really fit with my new blue theme.

This fits in nicely, thank you.

Leo - May 23 2008
GDM Dragon Tattoo

GDM Themes by LeoSolaris 2 comments

Glad to hear it! I am glad I decided to share this one. The last one I made, I kept to myself, and it accidentally got destroyed when my USB cord was knocked out while moving it and a bunch of other files over prior to a fresh install. - May 22 2008