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Sep 08 2019
If you encountered a date format/font issue, like the colon displays as squares, see this:

In a formatted date like 15:59:12, the colon-like-character you see is actually not a colon, gnome use RATIO character rather than COLON by default.
Meanwhile, the RATIO is painted as two squares in the two fonts that this theme provided). So, if you installed the suggested fonts and the default date format remains, then you saw the ugly "square colon".

To solve this, try some gnome shell extensions that support custom/override the panel date format.
I'd like to recommend "Clock Override". And with Clock Override, to achieve a format like "Wed Jan 2 15:59:11", try "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S" (use colon this time of course)
- Jan 02 2019