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Marcelo Gobetti , Brazil

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 52 comments

i'm glad you like it :)
actually i never used gray as i prefer gray-flat menubar, so i didn't test my idea with gray ;] - Jan 27 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 52 comments

thanks a lot for the new metacity version :D - Jan 26 2006
iRobot Marvin

Icon Sub-Sets by imaster 8 comments

very nice, you have talent boy, keep on :D - Jan 25 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 52 comments

hi cimi, the bug with the right click doesn't exist, i guess that my system updated just some parts of the gtk theme, i rebooted and everything is working fine, sorry

the "line below the top" actually is around the whole metacity theme. ok i have a screenshot, i just changed the line to red then you can understand that i mean:

now a metacity theme without the line (aqua-graphite-advanced):

hope you understand - Jan 24 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 52 comments

well i don't know if that's a bug but take a look at it...

try right-clicking over some icon, the "window" that opens doesn't have border and when you go with the mouse hover the items they don't get a different background, the text color is the only that changes a little bit...

and i think that the metacity would be much better without the line below the top ;)

keep on with this theme, it's great :) - Jan 24 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 52 comments

now you solved my only problem with mint: the color :P
thanks a lot ;) - Jan 21 2006
Mockup 1.1

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 40 comments

you were really fast this time :P
nice job

just two things:
1 - can you make the green bar a little bit darker or develop a version without the green background?
2 - can you remove the default font for taskbar so that it can use my default one?

thanks a lot! congratulations for the nice work - Jan 08 2006
Candi Gnome

Various Gnome Stuff by Jack000 7 comments

very hot! imho just have to change the desktops applet (it seems to be the same current gnome has) and the window border (worse than the current lol)

congratulatios ;] - Jan 07 2006

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 33 comments

hi, just to say the last modifications are very nice, the panel is more professional and the buttons are good to see now :)

the only problem now is the nautilus buttons as I said, if you solve this the theme will be perfect :) - Jan 02 2006

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 33 comments

Hey, thanks for the new version and fast answer :D

I'm sure that there's a way of solving the Nautilus' issues, take a look at T-Ish Brushed. Using it, the Nautilus' icons fit well with the background. I can't help you with this because many things on gtkrc doesn't make sense, I tried to make a theme some months ago and I couldn't solve some problems that in other themes didn't occur, but apparently gtkrc was perfect...

Happy new year! ;] - Dec 31 2005
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

Thanks a lot, saki - now it's certainly MUCH faster, 10 times or more I would say...

For those who have a last generation PC, I would recommend to use the SVG version, since it has a better a quality and it probably won't be any slower on your computers ;)

Thanks again, saki :) - Dec 30 2005

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 33 comments

awesome gtk theme, i found just two little bugs so far:

1 - on firefox, when browsing a page that has a favicon (such as, the icon stays over the upper tab border

2 - on nautilus, the zoom indicator and the upperright gnome foot don't mix with the background

some screenshots:
1 -
2 -

hope you got the idea, my english is not the best :P - Dec 30 2005
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

Actually it takes AT LEAST 4 seconds to load LOL, but I noticed after some testing that if you apply SnowIsh icons theme, then apply someother icons theme and finally apply SnowIsh icons theme again, it becomes fast just like the other themes. Is there a reason for that? - Dec 28 2005
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

I've been using this theme since it was launched, and it is great as I said on my first comment, but taking a look inside it seems to be slow.

I'm sure you're more experienced than me with icon themes, svg is a great idea but maybe that's the reason why the icons are slow... When i open menus, i have to wait around 4 seconds in order to load all the images. Just a note: all non-SVG themes I've used so far load instantly or almost instantly when opening menus.

Maybe that's only on my computer, or maybe SVG is not the reason for that, but please consider a time to check this. - Dec 27 2005
T-ish Pack

GTK2 Themes by tmilovan 138 comments

very nice, congratulations and thanks! =] - Dec 27 2005
Darker theme

GTK2 Themes by sysop 64 comments

the theme is very nice, the only problem is that at least here it takes a lot to load the background panel image =/ - Dec 24 2005
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

man, when i first saw the preview i got really excited with this theme, and now i see it is better than i expected

it's beautiful, almost perfect. ALMOST: if you use a bright gtk theme, some icons stay almost invisible, maybe you can add some borders to white icons so that it is good both in bright and dark :)

congratulations for this great icon theme and thanks for sharing it with the community :) - Dec 23 2005
My dream gnome 3

Various Gnome Stuff by adios 9 comments

nice mockup, but maybe it is your linux dream and not your gnome dream... gnome isn't the one who detects all those things but linux... aniway it is a great idea, maybe in 1 or 2 years we'll have something like this :D - Dec 08 2005

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 104 comments

congratulations ;D - Dec 08 2005
Alphacube Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes by CiccioBueo 80 comments

ha! found it: - Nov 18 2005
Alphacube Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes by CiccioBueo 80 comments

hi ciccio, your themes are awesome i really aprecciate all of your works :D

i'm now using xfwm4. althought it is very light, it is a bit more functional than metacity so i decided to use it :)

i'd love to use this theme on xfwm4, so is anyone interested on making it? i can do it but i need to have some sources to make all the buttons ;) - Nov 17 2005
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

i love it, congratulations, it's veeeery nice :)

is there a chance to have a desktop like this in 1 or 2 years? (on linux) =/ - Nov 10 2005
T-ish-Brushed Pack

GTK2 Themes by tmilovan 95 comments

all the brushed themes i've seen so far are low quality, why don't you base them on Tiger Brushed (winamp skin)?
take a look:
it's perfect :D

ps: it was just a suggestion, please don't misunderstand me ;) - Nov 04 2005

GTK2 Themes by XaNaX 3 comments

nice, what's the metacity theme? - Oct 26 2005