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Sławomir Lach
I think better idea is add document history functionality. When you selects save new version, old version will go to history and never replaces the old. Also, there should exist option to show document versions. In document versions dialog, you could simply drag file icon. - Jul 26 2017
wheel of fortune

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I'm developing libgreattao - Generalized interaction library or (in other words) UI template library.

Libgreattao allows application to be very simple by decoupling business logic and interface. Application written in libgreattao can be ran to work in UI mode, shell mode or in network mode. In normal mode it allows to select many backends, like console, GTK+ or Qt. In normal mode it uses window definition files, which contains templates and application only tells: create message window and set message to "Hello world" or create question window and set message to "Do you like GNU?" and add two answers "yes" and "no". Libgreattao is semantic and allows to avoid unnecessary work. - Dec 25 2015
Corindon Blue

Plasma Window Decorations
by fsolda

9   Apr 21 2011
NewAir for Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations
by garthecho

9   Apr 21 2011

Plasma Window Decorations
by mcder

9   Apr 21 2011
Ground Daisies

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3   Nov 04 2010