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Gabriel Arides Frias Ducoudray Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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Aug 23 2008
Thanks, but that wasn´t what i mean, what i mean is that once you convert the file, you go to System Preferences/Sounds and when i choose the converted file in the start up sound menu it won´t work. But i found out, that it was that you could only put ten seconds of a sound, that´s why it wans´t working, therefore when i try to convert the file it gives me an error. But just another thing, i used Quicktime to take 10 seconds of a sound and paste it on a new player, then export it to wav format. Is there any program that can do that it Ubuntu, cause as far as i know, there´s no Quicktime for Ubuntu. - Aug 28 2008
Excellent, just a question, how do you converted it in sound systems, i meant, im try to convert some files to the .wav format, but it doens't work. not this one of course. Another files, could you point me in the right direction. - Aug 27 2008