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Michael Stather

Network by tmichel 188 comments

This is the awesome tool everyone has waited for :)
The other tools like kwifimanager just don´t have this easy "windows-like" setup, and this in linux :)

I hope it will become the standard tool in KDE. Many thanks for developing it! - Sep 29 2006

System Software by katakombi 68 comments

it would be very nice to have this utility bundled with kubuntu because most notebook users have a touchpad and it´s a very useful tool :) - Aug 04 2006

System Software by xis 97 comments

It´s just (and I think most users want this) that I´d like to setup metamonitor without changing anything in my system configuration (which could then cause other problems). Even if I see only the "trusted" messages KDE shoudn´t crash if I tell metamonitor to watch this file. - Nov 21 2005

System Software by xis 97 comments

I send a bugreport about the permissions issue for /var/log/messages to novell:

the suggestion thex did with /dev/xmessages crashes my KDE if I enter it in metamonitor. It would be great if this would be possible in the next version :) - Nov 21 2005

System Software by xis 97 comments

Thank you very much for your help :)
I´ll try what you suggested. - Nov 19 2005

System Software by xis 97 comments

I get an error about MM unable to open /var/log/messages because it has the permissions -rw-r-----.
I´m using SuSE 10.0, can I just change the permissions of is this file deleted and recreated often? - Nov 19 2005

Network by yodor 109 comments

(Sorry if I post this twoce, I already posted this but later I couldn´t find my comment)
This app is very cool, I just noticed some little bugs:

configure script detects /usr/local as prefix under SuSE (should be /opt/). So the program and icons etc get installed into a wrong location.

"Settings" dialog´s height is too small, so that I can only read the first 4 lines of the info, the rest is invisible. And I can´t resize the window too.

Typo in setting dialog, should be "transmitted"

For the next version, it would be very cool to have seperate speed meters for inout and output.

Thanks for creating this app, I looked quite some time for such a thing.


Michael Stather - Oct 23 2005