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Xfce-Darkness dark GTK2 and GTK+ theme

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Jun 26 2014
Wow, thanks, it's nice now.
At last, I found a decent dark xfce theme that works same on GTK2 and GTK3 app as well. ^^ - Jan 13 2014
Hey vkuzel,

Thanks for you answer, I use Arch linux (Linux 3.12.5-1-ARCH x86_64), Xfce is 4.10, package versions are slightly different at third level, so -presumably- most importants are:
xfdesktop 4.10.2-1
xfce4-session 4.10.1-1
xfwm4 4.10.1-1

gtk-engine-unico 1.0.2-3

Gtk 3:
gtk3 3.10.6-1

These might be useful:
gtk2-xfce-engine 3.0.1-1
gtk3-xfce-engine 3.0.1-1

This menu bug also comes forward at audacious 3.4.3, gnumeric 1.12.8, Nemo 2.0.8 (Nautilus fork for cinnamon), but for example not in Exaile 3.3.1, abiword 2.8.6, GIMP 2.8.10 or in any Xfce applications (Thunar, Xfce Terminal, Xfce menu, Xfburn 0.4.3, panel applets).
As far as I know, Gtk3 applications affected, Gtk2 apps not. - Jan 08 2014
I like your theme, but there's a litte bug at GTK3 menus...
In the picture Transmission menu (GTK3) under Xfce 4.10.

Also, a litte darker gray would be nicer, but it's my taste. - Jan 05 2014
Score 72.5%
9   Jan 05 2014