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Feb 15 2015
using this in ubutnu mate 16.04 . 2 questions: 1) I had to turn of compiz to get it to work, any idea how I could make it work with compiz? 2) vertical window title area moving causes the [horizontal]pinstripes to flicker a lot, any idea how to fix that? works with compton if any settings there might help. Looks awesome. good work. - Sep 21 2016
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by krig
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Sep 10 2011
ah, I changes from compiz to something else and it worked. So I guess my question is how to make it work with compiz. Thanks - Sep 20 2016
Any idea how I can make the window borders work in mate(ubuntu 16.04)? They aren't, but everything else is. They are the only part I really care about. Screenshots look awesome. good work. - Sep 20 2016