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Cursors by Stefanmdk 12 comments

I wanted to thank you for the good work you've done in posting the
ContrastLarge cursor theme to It's a very straightforward,
useful cursor theme that I had been looking for, and it fits my needs almost

The only problem is with the text cursor. When I open Konsole, I use a black
or very dark background, and when the mouse hovers over the Konsole window,
the cursor is a thin I-shape that is almost completely invisible.

Would you be able to add some white to surround the thin black line? That
would make this cursor shape also "contrast". The other ones, especially the
big white arrows, are exactly what I need.

Or, could you tell me how to modify my own cursor? Is there a PNG file I can
edit using GIMP2 or something? I would not trouble you to make this change if
I knew how to do it myself.

Also: for some reason, the skull-and-crossbones does not appear when it should
(eg. when I activate the Xkill command). Do you know why? Is there anything
I should do to fix the problem? (I have mapped the xkill command to
Ctrl-Alt-Esc. The cursor does not change shape, remaining the standard white
arrow, but whatever I click on still disappears, so the xkill itself works,
except that the cursor is not skull-and-crossbones.)

(I also sent you an email saying this) - Mar 06 2005