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Nov 16 2013

It may be related with unrar 5. Could you try to go back to stable version (4.2.4) and see what happens ?
On my own, I will try kwooty with unrar 5 as soon as available on my distro.

Xavier - May 13 2013

In order to see what happens, I would need to reproduce this issue .
If you have a nzb file, whose extracting process does nothing, do not hesitate to send me it by mail.

Btw, it would be also helpful to get your unrar/7z versions.

Xavier - May 13 2013
I'm quite busy rigth now but you can expect this feature in a couple of weeks.
I'm looking forward a nzb sample in order to reproduce and fix your issue.

- May 13 2013
Hi Kai,

Sorry for the delay but I'm quite busy these days :(
You can expect that for the next minor release ! :)

I would just change the behavior like that:

- When session is restored, kwooty will start minimized to tray but without connecting to a server when there are no pending downloads.

- When session is not restored, I assume that kwooty will be launched to use it. In that case, connection to server is maintained as user could not understand why kwooty is disconnected (idem once a server has been added in settings, connection should be performed so that user can check that these settings are correct).

What do you think about it ?


- May 01 2013
Hi Kai,

Thx for reporting this, it will be fixed in next kwooty bug fix release (expect it in about 1 or 2 weeks I would say) !

Xavier - Sep 12 2012
Hi peaveyman,

- Actually there are no plans about watching bookmarks from nzb sites.

- Keep a nzb on pause when just added will probably added in the next kwooty release.

Thank you for feedback :)

Xavier - Feb 28 2012
Hi Laura,
It seems you have spotted an issue in kwooty 0.8.0. In scheduler plugin settings, just set the maximum download speed different to "No Limit" (no matter the value you set) and it should work as expected.

The next bug fix release will fix this !

Xavier - Jan 23 2012
Hi Kai,

Sorry for the delay to answer, I was quite busy those days.
About renicing an existing process (verify or repair) from a high value to a lower it might not be allowed by default unless extra privileges.
For example renicing a process from +10 to +2 works by default on ubuntu but is forbidden on fedora or opensuse for example.
Also setting a negative nice value requires administrator privileges.
It may be difficult to use it inside kwooty with the default configuration on some distributions.
I have no simple solution right now for this feature :(

Have a good Xmas day,
Xavier - Dec 24 2011
Hi Kai,

In fact that was a feature, I thought that one will be ok to restart downloads automatically at next startup, but I understand that it should not work like that.

Anyway, the pause state is now kept between sessions ! :)
It is already in the trunk and will be in 0.8.0 release that should be ready soon...

Xavier - Dec 12 2011
Hi Marcs,

By calling broken files, do mean decoded files tagged as "decoded (bad crc)" ?
With certain encoders, nearly every downloaded files would be tagged as "decoded (bad crc)" but file is probably correct and verify/extract process should complete successfully.

This is a known issue, fix is already done in trunk and it will be fixed soon in the next bug fix release.

If this is not the case you encounter, could you please fill the appropriate bug report ( ?
Most info about your issue are welcome !

Xavier - Oct 30 2011

I sent you a message about translations.

All the best,
Xavier - Aug 25 2011

Thanks for reporting this. I added an answer on Kwooty's bug tracker in order to try to fix this ! :)

Xavier - Jul 10 2011
Hi Laura,

I would need more info about server configuration you set up (usenet provider, single or multiple servers ?, number of allowed connections, etc...).

The best help would be to send me some .nzb files that work and don't work in order to check if I encounter the issue on my side.

I sent you a PM in order to contact me by mail.

Xavier - Jan 07 2011

The watch folder plugin works like that :

Only new .nzb files put in a user-specified watch folder will automatically be enqueued as long as kwooty is started.

At startup, the watch folder will only wait for new nzb files and will not deal with eventual previous nzb files found in the watch folder.

If you get the same behviour on your side, it works as expected.

Sure an handbook would be useful, I will think about it...


- Nov 19 2010
Hi Kai,

Thank you notifying me about that issue on kwallet. The details you provided help very much to point the issue.

About credentials not being removed from settings file when kwallet is used, it normally should.
It's probably due to credential from config kwooty's file prior to 0.6 that was not correctly removed.

Anyway fixes are already on trunk :) !

Thanks again.

- Nov 10 2010
Hi Kai,

As I was planing to release a tiny version of kwooty during vacation, your comment arrives just in time !
So kwooty's main window should now be minimized after a new login session in this 0.5.1.

Thx again for feedback. :)

Xavier - Aug 02 2010

Thanks for feedback. :)
Glad to see to issue has been solved!

In case of the package would not be fixed, the solution will be there for ubuntu users.

See you,

- Jul 14 2010

I followed-up my investigations and it seems that plugin list is empty if you used the kwooty ubuntu package from linuxfreedom'PPA.

I checked the installed files and it seems the issue comes from the file located under :

As I do not build ubuntu packages by myself there is nothing I can do to correct for now this issue but the following should work:

1. open the kwootyplugin.desktop file:
sudo kate /usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/kwootyplugin.desktop

2. Replace the following:




3. save file and run kbuildsycoca4 from konsole

4. relaunch kwooty, plugin list should not be empty anymore.


- Jul 14 2010

Maybe you built kwooty from sources. If this is the case you may need to run kbuildsycoca4 (or maybe kbuildsycoca according to your distro) in order to update the system configuration cache.

Then try to launch kwooty again.

I Hope this will solve your issue, just tell me if problem persists.

Bye ! :)

- Jul 13 2010
Hi zerojay,

Thanks for your proposals !

System tray support is on top of the todo list.
A lot of nice features have been listed here and although a lot of work needs to be done, I plan to add most of them sooner or later.

Xavier - May 05 2010
Hi bofhenator,

I plan to add "minimize to the systemtray" feature in a near future release as it seems to useful for several users ! :)

About shutdown behavior, a setting to not shutdown at all should normally be useless as if you click on shutdown button in toolbar, shutdown will be scheduled and if you click again shutdown will be disabled (icon notifying will be removed from status bar as well).

Just tell me if this behavior does not fit your needs.

Xavier - Apr 11 2010
Hi m00nraker,

First of all thanks for your enthusiasm, that's cool ! :)

Development of kwooty is going on and next release should be ready in one or two weeks from now (if everything works fine ;) ).

Then thanks a lot for your relevant suggestions.

Features are frozen for 0.4 release but I will try to integrate most of them in future releases.

I will also keep an eye on Kmail systray icon as I really like this feature.

Thanks again for feedback.

Xavier - Apr 11 2010
Thank you for your feedback, it's really motivating ! :)

About the time remaining counter, it's already scheduled for the next release and a free disk space indicator too !

About the download issue you encountered, I sent you a message in order to know if you could give me further info about that.

Thanks again for feedback :) - Mar 19 2010
Hi kwarf !
Thanks for your packaging. :-)

About, the issue is that encoding type from nzb file is us-ascii and this type of encoding is not supported by Qt.

However, I have corrected this 'bug'. Can you send me you email, I will send you the patch in order to validate it ?

Xavier - Dec 10 2009
Thanks for your comment, glad to see everything is OK for you ! - Oct 29 2009
Glad to hear that ! :-)

I hope compilation issues are fixed now...
- Oct 27 2009
Hi lestek,

I have updated kwooty to version 0.1.2 which should fix your issue.

Could you try to download this version and recompile it again ?

Thanks - Oct 27 2009
Hello MirzaD,

I sent you a message.

Could you try the following (assuming you are using KDE >= 4.2.x):

Open kwooty/src/segmentmanager.h, and uncomment the line
//#include \"data/segmentdata.h\" located at the top of the file.

Then go to kwooty/build and try to compile it again.

Please tell me if compilation succeed.


- Oct 26 2009

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Aug 04 2013
Thank you for this great theme !

Keep up the good work :) - Sep 29 2010

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