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MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

> What you seem to not realize is that
> sometimes it's better to give than to
> receive.

To give *what*? Someone else's work?

What you continually fail to realize is that it is not up to you (or anyone else) to make sure that other people (with various levels of success) do good deeds of giving (indeed, this would be only possible through coercion which in effect would make such acts not to be done from the heart and therefore oxymoronic and arguably pointless), nor that you know the best what should someone else do to make their business better (or to make themselves feel better).

Yes, it is truly nice and generous of someone to give *their own* work away. That is truly an act done in the spirit of the holiday that surrounds (most of) us. Now if you "generously give away" someone else's work, then that's a whole different story...

The bottom line is that while I agree with you that this world would be a lot better place if there was more generosity (or as you put it, "it is better to give than to receive"), but what is even more important is that this choice is left to the author. Otherwise the act itself loses its meaning.

> Thanks and have a blessed holiday.

No problem and same to you! - Dec 19 2004
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

You keep failing to realize that sounds are "compositions" just like any other work of art. If you don't believe me, then please try to make some yourself and you'll quickly realize that making good sounds is a lot harder than it seems... Now if other compositions are covered under copyright agreement, what prevents these from being protected by the same law? Hence, your correlation with "copyrighting air" is as out of place as your first comment.

Yet, you are obviously missing my point which leads me to believe that discussing this matter with you any further would be a futile task. - Dec 19 2004
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

While I agree that there are too many litigatious and bloodthristy companies/law firms out there, your comment is so wrong that it's not even funny.

Please understand that what follows is a reply to the "Perspective plea" comment rather than the critique of this post as it has not been yet confirmed whether this post has been made with Apple's consent or not (although portions of it are certainly applicable to the original post).

Do you think that those sounds were easy to create? Someone made them just like someone composed every song you hear on the radio and guess what? Every performance of a song via the radio results in some amount of royalties paid out to the composer and/or performer. Now, why should these sounds be any different? Someone has the ownership over them and here we are having them posted apparently without their creator's consent. I am sure that their creator also has a family to feed (or at least to feed themselves) and if they did not give you a permission to disseminate their work why would you want to do that? That is immorally wrong and if that does not bother you, then it's just plain illegal which ever way you look at it.

In addition, with this kind of attitude you are not only making yourself look bad, but also are tarnishing the entire Linux/KDE community by implying that we are bunch of geeks fostering piracy of content that is not our own.

Flattery or not, it is author's right to make decision whether something will be freely available or not, and every civilized person should respect that.

Finally, if you like so much the feel of the Mac desktop perhaps you should simply buy a Mac, instead of desperately trying to make your Linux box look like one. - Dec 19 2004
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

First off, I appreciate your effort of assembling this collection. However...

If I understand copyright and IP laws correctly, by simply recording the sounds that emanate from OS does not magically make them APSL-compliant or let you distribute them without expressed consent from their author (in this case Apple). I looked at the Apple's developer site and there was no mention of allowing other users to redistribute desktop sounds under this license which mainly concerns the source code and is geared towards the users of their developer tools (which to the best of my understanding have nothing to do with their desktop content -- otherwise Apple would not be so vigilantly pursuing all of the rip-off creations of their desktop environment with "cease and desist" orders, i.e. Please correct me if I am wrong... - Dec 17 2004