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Kuisma Koivusalo
Beryl/Emerald Themes

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Apr 29 2008
Yes. Now i have done it. But one thing is still in my mind, can I made the scrollbar to pick up the colour from the selected background? - Apr 23 2008
Could you make an eyecandy version of this theme? It might include coloured scrollbar and glossy buttons and also new tabs. - Apr 20 2008
Mirage rounded

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by comu
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Mar 25 2008
Looks nice and clean. - Mar 25 2008
Aero-Aqua Mix

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Apr 02 2008
The older titlebar icon looked a way better than these new icons. The older icons are much softer. I have a version of this great theme with older icons and green colour. If you dont mind i could upload that theme to gnome-look. - Mar 23 2008
First Step

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Apr 17 2009
Thit is so great. Is it possible to you or somebody else to make a metacity theme from this. This theme is so great. - Sep 04 2007